Shiva Linga found in Vatican City?

Yes, in Italy around the 11th or 10th century BCE and finished by around 27 BCE there was a flourishing and full fledged civilization called the Etruria who had a huge influence on the Roman who later became their subduers.

Out of all the archaeological excavations related to this ancient civilization of Italy, two very striking ones kept at the Gregorian Etruscan Museum, Vatican City, are a Shiva Linga of the 9th Century BCE and Etruscan pendant with swastika symbols from Bolsena, Italy, 700–650 BC. Louvre.

shiva lingam etruscan museum vatican city

Also many other things like burial patterns as well as religious rituals and philosophy as well as deities were very similar to Indians (Mohenjodaro and Harappa civilizations).

Also, the Vatican city’s aerial view resembles the shape of a Shiva Linga with Tripundra and Bindi in between.

Vatican City top view Shiva Lingam

More than thousands of years old Shiva Lingas have been found in South Africa, Babylon, Kaaba, Ireland (Hill of Tara – Stone of Destiny), Vietnam, Nandi found in Indonesia, Obelisks, etc.

Watch this beautiful Talk on the importance of celebrating the Divine in Concrete Forms — Murti Puja in our Sanatan Dharma on Sangam Talks:

In the Bible, Moses stopped people from worshiping a Golden Calf deity.

A huge Ice Shiva Lingam is found in Eisriesenwelt, Austria.

The Eisriesenwelt is the largest ice cave in the world-Werfen, Austria.  Eisriesenwelt is German for "World of the Ice Giants". | Ice cave, Austria,  Salzburg

Sanatan Dharma once flourished in America too.

A 7th century Vishnu deity found in Russian village.

4000 year old Sanatani city found in Russia.

Then in Germany the deity Pashupati was found of around 200 BCE.

A 4700 year old Shiva Lingam found in Turkey.

8000 year old Shiva Lingams found in Israel.

Over 100 neolithic “cult sites” containing sexual carvings, graves and human-like figures dating back roughly 8,000 years have been found in the southern Israeli Eilat Mountains. (photo credit: Uzi Avner/Daily Mail screen capture)

Aristotle had stated that the Jews were descendants of Indians.

We need to know all of this and be proud of our Vishwaguru status that we always held and will not sit calm till we restore that by going back to our roots. If we want the Sat Yug or Krita Yuga back then we need to first begin becoming like the people of those times – True Sanatanis.

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