What film maker Sri Vivek Agnihotri has attempted to do by making a movie like Kashmir Files is something that has never been done in the commercial Indian Film Industry before. For the first time after 32 years has any film maker brought out the truth behind how Hindus were subjected to mass killing by the Islamists in Kashmir, targeting them only on account of being from a different religion. The brutality of the violence they were subjected to, the agonizing pain and grief of seeing their loved ones being killed in front of their eyes, and their helpless plight of no one coming to their rescue is gut wrenchingly portrayed in the film.

Such a movie acts as an eye opener for Hindus as to what agenda driven Islamists are capable of doing and how the entire World will turn a blind eye to it with no one to support. It acts as a catalyst for Hindu unification across the Bharat. This movie is a must watch for every Hindu to help them realize that the time has come for establishing trust and benevolence among us Hindus first. To ensure that all economic activities are done within the community and not to support the Islamic community that uses the same money they earned from trade with Hindus and channel it to support violent Islamic propagation.

Kashmir which is known as the abode of the Goddess of Saraswati, the shining Crown of Bharat that is mentioned in all our scriptures and texts is today shattered under the Islamic agenda. There are early signs of the same Islamic agenda in Hrishikesh too of things to come that have to be heeded to.

With this noble intention of Hindu resurgence in mind, our Guru Sri Vasudev Das Ji, the Founder of Shamyapras Trust has instated Sri Kartick Srinivasan to be the Lead in this endeavour of ensuring that watching Kashmir Files is not just an activity but becomes a mass awakening movement for the Hindus in Hrishikesh. The time has become for the Hindus in the holy city of Hrishikesh to awaken from their deep slumber, unify and assert their identity with Sanatana Dharma. This sends a strong message to not only the other community people and those support them in places of power but also to the lawmakers and the administrators of Hrishikesh that the Hindu community will not take everything laying low.

The Shamyapras Trust is the only organization in Hrishikesh today that has been at the forefront of pioneering a unification movement among the Hindu community of the city. In order to achieve our objective, we booked all the 606 seats for 6’o Clock show screening in the theatre , ‘Rama Palace’. We implored the Hindus of Hrishikesh to watch the movie and awaken to the bitter reality of what is in store for our future generations if we don’t act now.

In order to make it a movement, we obtained permission from the Government authorities for organizing a rally before the screening of the show in the streets of Hrishikesh, to spread awareness of the strength in the unification of Hindus and to show our solidarity with Kashmiri Hindus who suffered this tragedy. This rally sent out a strong message to every Sanatani in Hrishikesh that a Hindu is no longer alone. That they are consolidating now in lieu of the threat that the community faces.

The fact that the theatre was houseful was a testimony to not only the success of the movement but also that the message has hit home in the hearts of the people. We thank the Hindus of Hrishikesh who came out in such large numbers and supported us in making this initiative a success. This has given us confidence and fortitude in strengthening our resolve to ensure that this Hindu resurgent movement enrols and engulfs the hearts and minds of every Hindu in Hrishikesh.

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