On 26th of October Kejriwal tried to become the Hindu Hriday Samrat and made an appeal to Bhartiya Prime Minister Narendra Modi and central government to put up pictures of Bhagwan Ganesh and Ma Lakshmi on the fresh currency notes in order to repair the Indian economy through their blessings. He cited the example of a Muslim majority country Indonesia and asked if they can do it and why not India.

Arvind kejriwal said “If there is photo of Lakshmiji and Ganeshji on our currency notes, our country will prosper. Photos of Lakshmiji and Ganeshaji can be printed beside Mahatma Gandhi’s picture on fresh currency notes”. He added “If there is a photo of Lakshmi-Ganesha on our currency (notes), our country will prosper. I will write to (the) prime minister in a day or two on this. When Indonesia can, why can’t we? The photos can be printed on fresh (currency) notes,”. Kejriwal said he will be writing to the Bhartiya Prime Minister for putting the pictures of Bhagwan Ganesh and Ma Lakshmi.

Now the bigger question is should Kejriwal’s demand to put pictures of Ma Lakshmi and Ganesh Ji on currency notes be considered? Every Dharmik Hindu knows what Kejriwal is and what is his politics. In Diwali he criminalized the burning of firecrackers and his advice to central government regarding currency notes is deeply political and is to gain vote bank for the upcoming assembly elections in Gujarat.

But it is possible some Hindus can argue that even though Kejriwal has political ambition behind this , but still the suggestion seems good from Hindu point of view. But some might argue from the other side and oppose the statement of Kejriwal. Some might not want the pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses on currency notes Money is used for all sorts of degeneracy, corruption and what not. People use saliva to count money. Money is hidden in shoes/blouse etc. It will become a source to commit blasphemy and Islamists and wokes will be the first ones to do so.


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