Will our Desi Leftist now point their fingers on their parent country Russia? Ukraine-Russia war when the whole left cabal of the west was busy criticising Russia for their actions, our Desi communists were shutting their mouth with the use of a red flag in order to protect the dignity of the parent country of their ideology communism.

But will our Desi communists take the red flags out of their mouth and speak against Russia after Russian lawmakers on 27th of October unanimously voted in favor of a bill to forbid the spreading of “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” toward minors and adults. It was in September when Russia announced it was considering doubling fines for exposing children to LGBT propaganda and making any event or act seen as promoting homosexuality an administrative offense.

Russia’s existing “gay propaganda” law, passed in 2013, bans any person or entity from promoting homosexual relationships to children, though lawmakers argued in July the law should be extended to include adults as well.

While Russian law currently prohibits the spread of so-called “gay propaganda” to minors under 18, the new bill would expand the ban to content aimed at all age groups. The bill now outlaws “gay propaganda” in the media, internet, advertisement, literature and cinema. It also bans the “propaganda of paedophilia”. The bill outlaws the “denial of family values” and also has a clause against propaganda that could “cause minors to desire to change their sex”. Individuals would be fined up to 400,000 rubles ($6,512) for spreading such information “among people of any age,” while legal entities would be obliged to pay a penalty of up to 5 million rubles ($81,400).


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