Disclaimer-I abhor all crimes against women & rape is the most heinous of them-Rapists must be meted strictest & rapid punishment

1)Rapes happen all over the world-Pl do not denigrate India & Indians (I am not trivialising this but just stating a fact)

2)Top 11 countries Rape per capita including USA Oz Belgium SA & even Sweden Read this article please it will shock youhttps://trendrr.net/13049/countries-with-highest-rape-crime-famous-global-statistics/…

3)92 Rapes take place in India daily

4)Only 1-2 get such massive national coverage-Why?

5)Do you think the outraging groups care for the victim?

6)On the contrary their shameless behaviour makes it more difficult for victims & their families

7)Can one rape be more heinous than another? The crime might be more gruesome but for every victim the pain is absolute

8)So from 30000 rapes why did CONg pick Kathua then & Hathras now?

9)Kathua was picked to jeopardise Modi chances in LS2019 but they failed

10)Yogi has done a commendable job of combating crime & corona-he is now looking forward to a 1 Trillion UP goal-if he succeeds its end of the road for CONg & all others :


11)So scuttle his plans at all costs

12)Now u will see a spate of articles on crime/rape etc in UP-the brief from Mamma Mia & Uncle George SoreAr$e is clear : paint UP as a goondaraj state to deter investors & industry

13)Yogi NaMo Mota r the only ppl who can deliver true freedom to Bharat Mata from her “Real Enemies”

14)We have done our job by electing NaMo as PM & Yogi as UP CM-they are men of highest integrity & have no vested interests-pure KarmaYogis both

15)By doubting their intentions we r digging a hole for ourselves

16)Please do not for 1 min think we care for India more than they do

17)Also pl do not think v hv a higher moral standing than NaMo & Yogi

18)Lastly pl do not fall for fake sanctimonious propaganda of woke RWs – #KeepCalmTrustNaMo

In closing lets learn & teach others to b kind & respectful Good thoughts

Good words-Good Deeds

Lets become more HUMANE humans

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