Sanatan History is immortal and cannot be comprehensively documented yet historical events need to be told, retold and remembered.

There had been many watershed moments in the long Journey in Our Indus Saraswati civilization and there emerged a civilizational prodigy on every occasion who led the Society to the rightful direction. 2024 will be no less important again.

Come 2024 and ahead, Challenges to Human life and value will emerge from every corner. Precursor to that is being observed. And it is ominous. Europe is gradually slipping into complete mess. Tragic stories of local level racial religious and social conflict are surfacing.  Refugees from the Middle East and Africa for Europe and Latin America for the US is only compounding the existing fault line. Islamic Jihad and communist chicanery is damaging every left over order in their society. The slide will be worse in days to come.

Back to India, we will emerge as a Powerful nation in 10 year under the leadership of PM Modi. His policy on Governance, Economy Defense and Public welfare has benefited and impacted every household. Only ungrateful liars can refute this claim.

Covid -19 an unheard biological weapon for mass murder had been well defended. China and Pakistan among our neighbors are getting the bitter taste of Indian might. Their direct provocation and indulgence might have stopped but indirect vileness has not stopped. The final assault is still awaited. Who knows PM Modi is destined to bless Pakistan in four and China in five divisions.

Back home the structural strength of the Left extremist and radical terrorist element might have been broken but not eliminated. You remove PM Modi and it would regroup within months with even more monstrous proportions.

Public memory is short and needs to be reminded every now and then.

Biggest and most important reform is still awaited. An ordinary citizen should realize that challenging and cleaning the Judicial and criminal justice system is yet to take shape. A nation and its law-abiding citizens can thrive only when you have a competent and accountable judicial system.

Law should be seen and perceived as a deterrent. Unfortunately today we have over 5 Cr cases pending in different courts without any accountability. If left unattended, it will be for the worst.

A progressive vibrant society needs sanatan values to be practiced. Too much of adulterated values have been smuggled into the Indian Sanatan Samaj. Our Scripture, temple and sacred practices have gifts for everyone. It needs to be rejuvenated and retold to every Indian.

Sanatan is a way of Life. Adopt it for your prosperous prosperity. PM Modi in 2024 electoral battle is one big step towards realizing this Pious Goal.

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