So-called “pleasure marriages” are widely practised in Swedish mosques as a disguised type of prostitution. These marriages last an hour or a few weeks.

As per the reports of the Uppdrag granskning, a Swedish research programme, several ladies who had been victims of a pleasure marriage were highlighted on the show. The wife’s consent is generally not required for such a marriage.

A Shiite mosque in The Hague was also highlighted in the report as being involved in the pleasure marriage network. Reportedly, human trafficking takes place on a big scale in mosques.

Women who have money problems are frequently employed in these weddings. One of the victims claimed she was having financial difficulties and told an imam about it. The Imam offered her a two-month marriage to a strange man.

The woman was offered 2400 euros and refuge prior to the marriage, and therefore for sex with the man. The man threw her out on the street again after the flash wedding.

The scale of convenience marriages in the Netherlands is unknown, but Swedish researchers indicate that there appears to be a worldwide network of mosques that mistreat women in this manner.

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