Another big step is being taken by The Adani Group led by Gautam Adani might burn the ass of a leftist lobby. Time and again this lobby has tried to label Gautam Adani in many baseless allegation.

The Adani Group led by Gautam Adani entered in to a deal with Sri Lanka’s state-run Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) to develop and run the strategic Colombo Port’s Western Container Terminal. The Adani Group will have a 51% stake in the port’s Western Container Terminal (WCT) becoming the first-ever Indian port operator in the island nation. This step can be considered as a strategically important step for Bharat because it is next to $500 million Chinese run jetty. The port in located in Colombo which is the capital of Srilanka and is capable of creating a counter China’s influence in the particular region. Should this not be considered as a national service as this might turn out to be a very important step to counter China.

Recently the Adani Group came up with a media statement after the chamchas with Rahul Gandhi level IQ started targeting and accusing the chairman and founder of the Adani Group, Gautam Adani for the Mundra port incident. Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) seized nearly 3,000 kg heroin worth Rs 15,000 crore from two containers at Mundra port in Gujarat’s Kutch district. Mundra Port is being managed by the Adani Group. After the incident is being reported, letters with Rahul Gandhi level IQ are continuously targeting Gautam Adani who is the owner of the Adani group for the incident.

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