A nation of 21 sq. kms located between Australia and Hawaii having a population of nearly 10000 people. The Island was used as a birds’ toilet for millions of years. The island is made of bird poop. Bird poop contains Phosphate which is used for making fertilizers and are rarely found.

After WW I, a joint British, American and Australian company started mining Nauru. The mining revenues made the Nauruans rich in a very short time. in 1975, the country earned USD 2.5 billion for a population of merely 8000 enough to feed them for generations. The per capita income of the nation became second highest in world.

The people became extravagant. Literally every person had a car though there are no more than 20kms of drivable roads in the nation. The people stopped working and hired people from outside to do their work. The people while purchasing sweets of $40/- wont ask shop keepers for a change if they gave a $50/- note.

Around 1990s, the Phosphate yield reduced, but spending habits of the people did not change. To maintain the same standard of living the Govt. started to borrow. When it could not repay the debt, the creditors took over the airport and infrastructure build by the mining companies.

The people then started to seek asylum in Australia.  Australia got pissed off and built some shanties for people to stay. The status of the people has come down. They can neither work, nor can be employed any where (as they ignored skill building) and are depending on charity money given by countries like Australia and New Zealand.

I bet, the same would happen to Arab in 50 years from now. Arab’s peak time is over. It is now going through a downward phase.  Once it reaches the valley after an alternative to oil is found they cannot work, cannot loot nor can ride camels. They will survive on charity from India, China, US or EU. That may also spell doom for Islam.


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