NNo, we are not talking about dayans here in this article. Dayan in Hindi means a very cruel lady who practices witchcraft. According to Indian folklore, they are considered a bad omen if you see them in the morning. They voodoo where they live, and all the bad things start happening in their locality. They sometimes steal children to perform all the lousy cult. The path they take starts getting haunted. They pray for the bad happenings and support the causes against the locality and people among they live.

Indian intellectualism is also somewhere haunted by such ladies. They poke their nose everywhere. Of course, they want to pack all the other ladies in the black clothes from toes to top accept themselves. Some have been purposefully planted by the governments to write the propaganda history of the country. Some have been planted by foreign countries to hijack Indian politics and journalism. Some have projected themselves as actresses to curse society and country by legalities, information, movies, media, and social media.

The meaning of doyenne in English on the contrary to Hindi dayan means the most respected or prominent woman in a particular field. If you add alphabet ‘s’ in the word doyenne, there will become so many doyennes. India and the Indian left ideologues certainly need such doyennes whom the public at large can respect and consider intellectuals. However, there are very grim chances that the Indian left would get such doyennes. 

Until now, most of the ladies of left ideology found preaching and practicing contrary to a degree of one-eighty. They support selective causes and ignore the instances of people being burnt alive simply because they don’t fit into their agenda. Sadly, out of ignorance, we have considered them as doyennes. But now, we must be cognizant and call out these dayans and their propaganda outrightly. Many of us are doing so, and if you can recall any of such ladies described here, please comment their names in the comment box. 

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