While expressing concern over a police complaint filed by National Register of Citizens (NRC) State Coordinator Hitesh Dev Sarma against his predecessor Prateek Hajela for deceitfully including names of suspected individuals in the NRC through software tempering, the Patriotic People’s Front Assam (PPFA) urges both the New Delhi and Dispur governments to support a complete re-verification of NRC Assam with the national cut-off date.

A top government official had filed an FIR with the criminal investigation department (CID) against the former NRC State coordinator, which the forum of nationalist people described as alarming. The specific claim of unauthorised nationals being added to the list of Indian nationals through an error-prone technical method must be probed for a correct NRC under the Supreme Court’s supervision. The forum was formed by a group of journalists who were reportedly involved in unethical practices and should be scanned as well.

PPFA in its statement said, “We demand a complete re-verification of NRC Assam with 1951 as the finished year. But even if we have to recognize the cut-off date (24 March 1971) mentioned in Assam Accord, the identification of the individuals in those years should be made for the government record”

The forum claims that a province cannot use a different year to identify illegal immigration than the national cut-off year for whatever purpose. The subject must be considered in Parliament before a definitive decision is made that Assam would keep its delayed cut-off year for identifying immigrants. As a result, it determined, that the state’s original residents must be effectively preserved by legislative laws.


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