We all keep reading news about how PERSECUTED Muslims from war-Torn Muslim countries are granted asylum in Europe and Americas . Well while some are genuine asylum seekers , the so called wars and violence are many times just a self created smoke screen , facade , a Trojan Horse for Muslim to flood western countries , do population explosion , win elections and ultimately achieve a Global Islamic caliphate and install Sharia .

I remember meeting someone from Syria when the so called WAR was at it’s peak. I was shocked to see him wander in the streets of Singapore with his family. I asked him as to why he was so carefree when his country was at war and how he could travel and go back. He laughed and told me that the so-called WAR is only happening in a small town and those images are taken from 100 different angles , broadcasted 10000 times by all PAID media to create a narrative wanted. He told me NEVER to trust media and then bid goodbye .

I started studying a bit and found out that thousands of so-called persecuted asylum seekers, from so-called war-torn countries, are secretly trained sleeper cells who are sent in the smokescreen of war refugee asylum . They are trained and taught to go and set up sleeper cells in Europe. A Yazidi girl who was kept as sex slave by ISIS saw her captor on the streets in Europe , who had also come ad refugee to Europe.

The problem with refugees is that they mostly have NO papers , identity document . So one can never know ANYTHING about anyone who claims to be a war torn refugee.

Foolish Europeans, who want to claim higher moral grounds and portray themselves as Humanitarians elites take these refugees. Then these fake refugees come into action. They get permanent residence. They start with their plans , get married , have 10 kids . They all settle in one ghetto , city to start with . Then when they become citizens and have enough clout , they decide who will win elections , they have the swing vote . Only a Muslim can win elections then, see the classic case of London, which is full of Muslims from Africa and hence ONLY a Muslim can win elections there . Then they repeat that in a few more cities. Then in a 20 , 30 years they have enough seats to swing elections in any country (UK being the classic example ) . As is the case in ANY country , political parties bend to them to win elections . Then they demand special laws for muslims , Sharia for muslims in muslim areas , pressurize for motion against countries which are anti Muslims (Israel , India) .

Even the Tunisian President has gone on record to say that these Muslim refugees are sent as a part of the plan to flood Europe.


The same thing has started in US and Canada . They target countries which have clout in UN like US , Germany , France , Canada , Eropean Union . IT IS ALL PLANNED. A part of LONG term strategy to establish Global Islamic Caliphate .

All the so-called WOKE, LIBERAL , We will welcome refugees Ministers , MPSS are basically paid to let these Muslim refugees come and flood West

Eventually natives prefer to move out, which is what they want or they make life hell for natives(eg. Kashmir) .

Have you ever wondered why NO Muslim country takes in ANY refugee from so-called WAR TORN Islamic countries? Saudi, UAE, Qatar have a huge shortage of labor, they can take in these refugees. NO, because the real motive of these WRA REFUGEES is to dominate NON ISLAMIC countries with Muslim populations and ultimately achieve Global Islamic Caliphate . YES THAT IS THE PLAN .


Most of these wars in these countries are self-created, to create a situation for war refugees to beg for asylum. United Nations loves these wars because they get to spend LOT of money and their 5 star accommodation , justify spending, most of which goes into their pockets. I know SO MANY who work for UN in war torn countries and tell me of their 5 star live .

So Europe , US , Canada, Australia should be VERY CAREFUL . They need wake up . They are being taken over from inside due to demographic changes.





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