A school teacher in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, allegedly made a social media post in which she praised her actions of forcibly removing the sacred thread (Kalawas) from the wrists of Hindu kids and giving them advice not to wear them again.

Udaya Lakshmi, a teacher, uploaded the allegedly offensive post from her Facebook profile on August 24. It has since been removed as a result of widespread public outcry. The contentious, anti-Hindu post is still visible on her Facebook friend’s profile, who appears to be a cousin.

After backlash, a purported Facebook post by Udaya Lakshmi was removed.
A person by the name of Deepa Lakshmi uploaded anti-Hindu stuff that was close to or somewhat identical to what the contentious teacher had shared while praising Udaya Lakshmi’s actions.

According to her Facebook post, the teacher lined up Hindu pupils and forcibly removed their Kalawas in an act of overt Hinduphobia and intense animosity toward Hindu symbols. She also bragged about brainwashing the younger students, telling them they shouldn’t wear Hindu symbols like the Kalawa. She went on to say that she might keep them under continual observation in order to realize her plans to brainwash them.

I completed a significant assignment today in class, according to the post honoring Udaya Lakshmi. I ordered the pupils who were tying ropes on their hands to line up and use scissors to cut the cords. I gave them an explanation of why they shouldn’t tie the rope. I’m considering installing ongoing security.

The message went on to say that we discussed social justice and equality at the morning meeting at the school for three consecutive days as per the Chief Minister’s directions, coming from the police station.

She emphasized in the post that cutting the children’ ropes is a starting point for conversation and comprehension. In the post’s conclusion, it was argued that cutting the ropes was appropriate instead of tying them since the government forbade doing so. The article has drawn horrible anti-Hindu comments as well, some of whom have praised the purported act of Hinduphobia while others have related their own aspirations and encounters.

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