In recent years, a spate of articles in domestic as well as international media have done frantic rounds with dire imprecations of an imminent genocide of Muslims in India by so-called fascist, Hindutva elements from within India’s polity and society. What should be of note, however, is that these strident claims become insistent, ironically, at precisely those moments in our recent history when the Centre is made to bow before unbridled street power and when Hindus face a hate wave of jihadi violence almost on a daily basis.


So when Former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan says ‘minorities will not sit quietly when provoked ‘, he is only advancing a sinister Theory of Provocation drummed up by Left-Liberals to drown out a rising cresendo of public outrage over riots and arson, killings and beheadings actually taking place – of Hindus!


Striking a warning note on another occasion, Monika Verma ( Provocation Theory Will be Death Knell for Not Just Hindus but Also Indian Democracy. ) tells us that ‘ By placing the onus of violence on Hindus to not offend this particular community, a dangerous game is being played. That day isn’t far when the mere existence of Hindus will be declared provocative.’


Today, the Majority Hindu community sees a hate wave of relentless Jihadi violence against its religious processions. Today, towns after towns, cities after cities witness a similar model of violence on shobha yatras.Today, dozens of rallies all over India chanting ‘ Sar Tan Se Juda ‘ slogans are followed by open murders and daylight beheadings of unsuspecting Hindus.


Amid this defeaning and cultivated chaos, this long-running open exhibition of lawless impunity by Muslims exercising the Veto of an Unchecked Street Power post the 2019 Electoral Verdict, one would expect the yardstick of secular morality when dipped in the clear stream of screaming facts to suffer a refraction, providing a dose of temperance.


Back in Jan 2022, as Anti-India non-State actors were ganging up in the United States to paint India as a dangerous place, a Prof Gregory H Stanton declared a ‘ Genocide Emergency Alert for India ‘ stating that the country has reached the 8th stage of genocide with the alleged persecution of the Muslim community !

” To speak in such derogatory terms, ” writes Suyash in Opindia ” for a thriving democracy which has robust institutions of checks and balances would be considered sacrilege by any Indian citizen worth his salt. ”

Instead, in a classic example of how the topic of persecution of Hindus has been denied a voice in western academia, and in India, and proving true a post-Truth world where ‘ Truth is no longer dictated by authorities, but is networked by peers’ the likes of Rohit Chopra provided helpful nuance to Stanton’s Declaration by asserting that

” Instead of outright bloodletting, there will be increased bouts of episodic short-term, targeted violence to punish, intimidate … Muslims.” (


Episodic. Short-term. Targetted Violence. To Punish. Intimidate……Precisely the situation that the Hindus face today !!!


Churchill saw in the Nazi threat ‘ the originality of malice, the ingenuity of agression ‘. It was a monstrous evil, he said. A threat to the whole world. ” We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills.”

We have a similar fight on our hands. Only the landing grounds, fields, streets and hills are situated in the sacred geography of pujas, visarjans, yatras, akhand paaths and religious processions of our gods as they are increasingly being attacked. Hindu religion is being choked out of the public sphere. Exoduses of Hindus and creeping Islamisation in certain states gather momentum elsewhere.


Increasingly, all our arguments fall back upon society itself taking the fight to the other side. As long as Govts hold on to the Monopoly on Violence and put it to judicious use in the service of the safety, security and integrity of the Nation, such an eventuality does not arise.


But what if the ruling dispensation looks the other way and society descends by degrees into a cauldron of chaos, and the slow, shrill but ascending spirals of bloodletting eventually reach the doorsteps of the common man ?


” There never was a Democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” said John Adams. Increasingly, it appears as if our Democracy and its governing institutions, bending to the inherent logic of numbers, will continue to gulp down the fatal arsenic of appeasement and secularise instances of communal hatred in terms of stone peltings, shootings, and killings against the Hindu population.


Finally, this could well apply to Today’s India :

” Everything you love, even the greatest and most cultured civilisations in history, can be swept away by people who are unworthy of them.”


” Such existential civilisational tiredness is not a uniquely modern European phenomenon, but the fact that a society should feel like it has run out of steam at precisely the moment when a new society has begun to move in cannot help but lead to vast, epochal changes.”

( The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam.

— Douglas Murray. )

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