Updates from the fourth day of the ‘Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav’

In January 2018, a false rape case was registered in Rasana (a small village) near Kathua in J&K. Later, this case was touted in India and abroad as the Kathua Rape Case in which innocent Hindus were depicted as the perpetrators. The so-called secularists, dozens of Bollywood stars, and anti-Hindu leaders leveraged this opportunity to tarnish Hindu Dharma and showcase Hindus as a bunch of uncivilised barbaric people. Their (fabricated) script was simple. It read – Hindus abducted a minor girl from Jammu, gang-raped her and then murdered her in cold blood. However, Hindus should understand that this was a larger conspiracy to demean Hindus and kick them out of Jammu. Prof. (Ms) Madhu Kishwar (Editor ‘Manushi’, Delhi) said, “The anti-Hindu elements in our society wanted to use this case to force Hindus out of their homeland the way jihadi fanatics forced Hindus to leave their homes in Kashmir”. She was speaking on – ‘The horrific truth of the Kathua Rape Case during a session as part of ‘Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav’ organised by Hindu Janjagruti Samiti in Ramnathi, Ponda, Goa.

Prof. (Ms) Madhu Kishwar further added that the Hindus were accused of gang rape. However, the post-mortem report said otherwise. On the one hand, the initial ingestion by Police mentioned that the minor died as she was hit in the head with a heavy stone. On the other, the post-mortem revealed that there was no injury to her skull. Hindus should note that in a rape case involving a minor, disclosing the identity of the minor constitutes an offence under the Indian Penal Code. Despite that, in this case, the anti-Hindu elements in our society disclosed the victim’s name and made her photographs viral on social media. Thanks to the false narrative, many innocent Hindu youths were tortured. Consequently, many Hindu families decided to leave Kathua to spare themselves from continuous harassment.

Let us end the threat of religious conversions in Arunachal Pradesh in the next 5 years – Mr Kuru Tai, Arunachal Pradesh

Presently Arunachal Pradesh faces a situation where at least one member of each family is converted. The situation is grave. We have found a remedy on this threat. If a Hindu individual marries an individual from other religion, he/she will not be entitled for the family wealth and he/she will have to take care of his/her children. With such provision the problem is under control to an extent. Hindus from Arunachal Pradesh are united and are confident that we will end the menace of religious conversions in Arunachal Pradesh in the next 5 years.” said Mr Kuru Tai, Vice-Chairman, Arunachal Pradesh Bamboo Resources Development Agency, Arunachal Pradesh.

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Ramesh Shinde National Spokesperson, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

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