The Galwan Valley is the witness to one the greatest heroics of Indian Army, when the war cry of ‘Jai Bajrang Bali’ (Bihar Regiment war cry) echoed in the valley and the Communist Chinese army saw their death in front of their eyes. The Galwan Valley clash of June 15, 2020, showcased the extraordinary bravery and unwavering courage of the Indian Army in the face of a formidable adversary. In the treacherous terrain of the Himalayas, Indian soldiers demonstrated unparalleled valour, displaying their commitment to safeguarding the nation’s borders. The clash not only highlighted the indomitable spirit of the Indian Army but also underscored their readiness to protect the country’s sovereignty at all costs.

Colonel Bikumalla Santosh Babu, MVC (Posthumous): Deployed in Galwan Valley during Operation Snow Leopard, Babu was tasked to establish an observation post amidst the border standoff. Organising and briefing his troops about the situation with a sound plan, he successfully executed the task. While holding the position, his column faced stiff resistance from the adversary who attacked him and his soldiers with lethal and sharp weapons along with heavy stone pelting from adjoining heights. Undaunted by the violent and aggressive action by the overwhelming strength of enemy soldiers, the officer in the true spirit of service before self, continued to resist the enemy’s attempt to push back Indian troops.

20 Indian soldiers, including Commanding Officer, attained martyrdom in the violent clashes with the Chinese troopers in Eastern Ladakh’s Galwan Valley. The Chinese on the other hand suffered double the number of casualties but only accepted 5 casualties on their side to spread propaganda of pseudo bravery among their masses.

Displaying Valor Against All Odds: The Indian Army soldiers stationed in the Galwan Valley showcased exceptional valour as they faced a heavily armed and numerically superior Chinese force. Despite the challenging conditions and the risk to their lives, these brave soldiers stood firm, fearlessly defending the nation’s borders. They engaged in hand-to-hand combat, displaying exceptional physical and mental strength against the odds stacked against them.

The incident in Galwan Valley shed light on the expansionist ambitions of the CCP and its disregard for international norms and agreements. The CCP’s communist ideology, which advocates a centralized government with strict control over its citizens, fuels its expansionist agenda. China’s historical perspective portrays it as the centre of power, and it aims to assert its influence beyond its borders, often disregarding the rights and interests of other countries. The ideological differences between the two nations further complicate their relationship. India, as the world’s largest democracy, embraces a pluralistic society and respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other nations. In contrast, China’s communist regime operates with centralized control and often seeks to undermine democratic values.

As the Indian Army continues to safeguard the nation’s borders, it is essential to recognize and appreciate their heroics, dedication, and sacrifices. The Galwan Valley clash will be remembered as a defining moment in the history of the Indian Army, illustrating their indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment to protecting the nation against all adversaries, including Communist expansionism. Their unwavering commitment, selflessness, and courage in the face of adversity continue to inspire and unite the nation. As a grateful nation, it is our solemn duty to remember and honour the sacrifices made by these brave soldiers. Their memory serves as a constant reminder of the priceless cost of freedom and the sacrifices made by our armed forces. The martyred soldiers of Galwan Valley will forever be etched in our hearts, reminding us of their extraordinary courage, unwavering dedication, and indomitable spirit.

Let us commemorate the martyred soldiers of Galwan, honouring their sacrifice and holding their families in our thoughts. Their legacy will continue to inspire generations, reminding us of the extraordinary bravery exhibited by our soldiers and reaffirming our commitment to safeguarding our nation’s honour and sovereignty.

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