Punjab these days is grabbing public interest because of the video that went viral over the internet where it was seen that the Pope is converting the Hindu and Sikhs of Punjab to Christianity.

Globally, Sikh is a small religion, concentrated in few regions. In India, the highest concentration of Sikhs is seen in Punjab. In Punjab, there is nearly 10% estimated Christian population out of which most of them are trusted to be converted strategically.

Pope Gulshan Singh is the major name banging every timeline. In videos, it was seen that he sprinkle water or immerse the person into the water to mark successful conversion.

The person is illustrating superstitions and is grabbing the faith of Punjab. People believe that he is curing those patients who were declared unremediable by doctors. It is also believed that he is bringing dead in life.

The man is showcasing fake miracles and is constantly brainwashing the literate as well as illiterate of Punjab. He is propogating Christianity in Punjab by demonstrating the unnatural side of Christianity. In his words he is clear that Christianity is the only path for success. The innocent people of Punjab are failing to differentiate his evil intentions and are becoming Christian.

Will over educated class of Punjab living a happy, sophisticated life in Canada ever interfere in this matter?

Isn’t this related to their identity?

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