I recently saw the tragic news of a Pakistani Muslim family which was run over by a white Canadian Man , killing 4 and severly injuring 1.

Muslim family in Canada killed in 'premeditated' truck attack - BBC News

Indeed it was very sad and tragic . As expected , in no time #islamophobia started trending all over the world.

Such tweets were coming from EVERY country on the planet , with most coming from Muslim countries.

Just like ALL muslims were united in praying for Palestine , condeming Israel etc.

It made me go back to a thought I have always had . Why do Muslims , all over the world unite in playing the victim when something wrong happens with any Muslim but take NO responsibility when any muslims does an act of terror or hate crime ?

I remember everytime when any muslim or a muslims group does any hate crime, racist crime, terrorist act and I have asked MANY muslims in India to make a statement or explain the act , they simpley wash their hands off , saying that man was British, French , Algerian, Sudanese , why should I explain , I am Indian , blah blah .

But when any muslim is attacked or killed in a hate crime, ALL MUSLIMS across the world get umited in trending #ISLAMPPHOBIA and how muslims are under attack .

Was this Pakistani , Canadian Muslims family related to you ? Were they Indians ? So why does your heart bleed for them ? You simply care because they are muslims .

But why does your heart not show ANY EMOTION when any a muslim man , woman or group anywhere in the world attacks anyone , kills anyone ?

With collective pride comes collective responsibility . If you associate yourself when Muslims are victim and cry for Justice and scream Islamophobia when ANY Muslims , anywhere in the world is attacked , then you should also hang your head in shame and seek forgiveness when ANY muslim does any hate crime or kills anyone . Sorry association cannot be a one way street .

Forget responsibility, I am yet to come across a Muslims who condemns ISIS , Al Qaeda or Taliban.NOT EVEN ONE . Never saw or met a Muslim who denounced 9/11. Every Muslim I know justified it and supported it . I always hear the justification for their Acts . Explanations. I actually met a United National Lawyer who called ISIS as freedom fighters.


All muslims raised GLOBAL hue and cry when that White man killed 50+ Muslims in New Zealand. Global #StopIslamphobia was trending on twitter . NO MUSLIM said ANYTHING when 250+ Christians were killed in Sri Lanka ? I saw NO MUSLIM say ,”I am ashamed to be a muslims “.

All I hear every time a muslims does a hate crime or act of terrorism is that “This man does not represent Islam , Islam is a religion of peace “. Then why do you brand ALL christians , Jews , Buddhist ,Hindus are terrorists when random few attack any Muslim (strange none of them attack each other ) .

So when ANY random non Muslim attacks , kills a Muslim , ALL people belonging to that religion become terrorists and ISLAMOPHOBE and FASCISTS but a Muslim killing a non muslim does not represent Islam.

Heart of an Indian Muslims bleeds for Palestine , for New Zealand Attack , but shows no emotion when Muslims kill in India . Ummah Ooncha rahe hamara ?

I remember EVERY muslims justifying Charlie Hedbo . Did not see ONE TWEET from ANY Muslim condemning the act . Infact MOST supported it justified it as it was mockery of their Allah and Prophet. The same Muslims waste NO time in mocking Gods of every other religion , abusing Hindu Gods , making gau mutra jibes. WHAT SHAMELESS HYPOCRISY. So killing those who made cartoon of Prophet , which is banned in Islam is justified as that is what is said in Quran then killing those who steal cows and kill them for meat should also be justified as it is written in our Vedas . Making cartoon is not a crime, but stealing an animal , killing it selling it for meat is a crime . And Killing cow is a crime in MANY states .

So when any muslim , anywhere in the world does a terrorist attack , all Indian muslims become Indian and have no connection with that Muslim man , but when Muslims are killed in New Zealand and Canada , All Indian Muslims cry like their own blood has died .When a random road rage incident involving slaps and kicks happens in India and one happens to be a Hindu and another Muslim , ALL hindus are labelled ISLAMOPHOBE , Hindus are branded terrorists , Modi , BJP , RSS and branded Nazi , fascists, communal blah blah and Hindutva Terrorism becomes the trend for the week .

But when Muslims kill Hindus in India , that man does not represent Islam , and no muslim is ever ashamed to a Muslims and we can’t call it Islamic Terrorism. . WAH WAH. Gazab ki hypocrisy hai .

So can we decide whether anyone doing a crime represents the ENTIRE RELIGION OR NOT ?

Can we come to a conclusion if Indian Muslims are related to ALL Muslims in every country or NOT ? Because this conditional relationship seems VERY confusing to me.

So a random Hindu having some insignificant fights makes it all about Hindutva Terrorism, a white man killing Muslims is about White Supremacy but a Muslim terror group killing non Muslims can never be about Islamic Terrorism.


Imran Khan was very sad when muslims were killed by a White Christian Man .Why does he not tweet about being ashamed when Christians are killed in Nigeria by Muslims , or when ISIS kills Yezzidis or when a muslim man bombed Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester or that Muslim man bombed Srilanka Christians ? Does that heart of a muslim not bleed for Kaffirs?

When was the last time so called leaders of Muslims on Twitter said a word when a muslim killed a non muslim ? I don’t recall . Forget about the world , Indian Muslims?

Terror has no religion unless the terrorists is a Christian , Buddhist , Hindu or Jew , basically non Muslim, or Kaffir .

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