Ram Swarup in his book “On Hinduism” gives a brief description about the threats Hinduism is being sorrounded by. In this book he describes about the three totalitarian ideologies posing a threat to the existence of Hinduism. Ram Swarup writes “All these (monopolystic) ideologies have their World-Centres. Communists have their Comintern working overtly or covertly; the Catholics have their Vatican, a much older centre, having much expertise in and long tradition of subverting non-Catholic societies.

The Protestants with about similar aims and strategies in the Third World are also united in their World Council of Churches. The Muslim Caliphate was abolished after the First World War and the Muslim powers have been in bad shape for over a century. But a very active and aggressive pan-Islamic movement is emerging. An Islamic International, a kind of Muslim Vatican, R’abitah al-‘ alam al-Islâmiya, is in the offing. It is oiled by petrodollars. Because of its present military weakness and dependence, it cannot do much mischief yet in Europe and America, but its immediate targets are the poor and weak countries of Africa and Asia.

All these totalitarian ideologies are a threat to pacific and tolerant religions, and pluralist and democratic societies.Hindus, however, have no centre, no common platform where they could meet together, take stock of the situation and take untied counsel. Hinduism is just a sprawling body without a head. How long could it hope to continue to exist in that way under the new threats that are maturing?

Credit – “On Hinduism” by Ram Swarup

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