There’s no doubt that teenage is an immature period in which physically a person appears to be well developed but mentally is naive. Undoubtedly, some are bright even at a very young age, their understanding is deep, but they are ‘some’, to be noted.

Legally 18 years old is declared an adult, even in the case of a woman she is said to be of marriageable age, but is 18 year old really capable of?

In general reports, a person is physically ready at the age of 18 but intellectually he attains maturity at 20. There’s no wonder that even in Japan and New Zealand a 20 year old is considered an adult, ie. After completing teenage.

When it comes to voting, when I was 18, I voted in excitement maybe everyone did the same. Voting at 18 directly benefits the political buzzards it doesn’t predict that a voter is intellectually ready or not.

One thing, a child becomes an adult at 18, is burdened with lots of accountability as an alteration, even many of them aren’t aware of.

Before imposing are they ever made aware of their responsibility and duty?

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