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Let me expose the double standards and hypocrisy of Pakistani , Human Rights Lawyer , Waanbee Congressman from Virginia , Mr. Qasim Rashid . He , like every other Muslim loves to play the victim card , cries about islamophobia, blah blah , rinse repeat and how he is standing upto hate, preaches love and equality etc.

 Mr. Qasim Rashid is an Ahmedia . They are an offshoot in Islamic faith who are not considred Muslims in most muslims all over the world . They are classified as non muslims, impostors , fake in ALL islamic countries . They are persecuted , killed , not allowed to say Salaam , or quote verses from Quran openly  in any islamic country . They are regularly killed , their mosques vandalized , bombed in all Islamic countries. They are not allowed to go for Hajj . In Pakistan , they have to publicly denounce their Prophet on legal form to get citizenship , be able to vote or get a passport .


In your own native country , Pakistan , the very form you must have signed to get a passport , you had to denounce your own spiritual leader and your faith, call him a fraud , by law, which you did to get a passport . In your own native country , Pakistan , by law, you are not a Muslim. You are opressed, supressed, your mosques destroyed , your graves destroyed , you are not allowed to say Salaam, or quote from Quran . YOU ARE NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO VOTE . What happens to speaking about Human Rights of Ahmediyyas Mr. Human Rights Lawyer

Ziad Zafar on Twitter: "After 4hrs in line for new passport, refused to  sign form apostatising #Ahmadis. Such a disgrace. Not in my name.  #PakistanForAll…"

They , the Ahmedias are the worst victims of Islamic violence (which has no justification) . Even in neutral countries like USA, UK , India where they are legally recognized as Muslims , they are threatened by other Muslims (Sunni and Shia) to not have meetings , build a mosque etc. You can call yourself a Muslim because you are in a non islamic country , had it been any Islamic country either you would be lynched by now or put in prison .

And here is Mr Rashid crying Islamophobia in the most liberal , demoractic country in the world just to play victim and get votes of all colored people ? Go one up by making white people look like a White supremacist ? If he is against hate or dicrimination why does he not speak about the sufferings of Ahmedia sect of Islam , which he belongs to , who have faced the worst Islamic violence in the world. No Muslim country recognizes them as Muslim , but here he is in USA , a country which grants them Muslim status  , gives him all  the freedom and rights , crying ISLAMOPHOBIA just to show others down , get victimhood brownie points, fool naive colored people who have no idea that you are an Ahmediyya ? You are a double faced hypocrite , who knows which victim card to play . Same goes to so called all Muslim Senators and wannabees who talk about Islamophobia but never mention the worst violence which Muslims face is from each other . (Shia vs Sunni and Vice versa) and the global persecution of Ahmedias. He is a fake,  a hypocrite and he needs to be exposed.  Screaming victimhood in a country where you are actually safe and have same rights as others. SHAMEFUL. UNGRATEFUL.
So Mr. Human Rights lawyer , Qasim Rashid, why don’t you tell people that you are an Ahmediyya, that your community is NOT allowed to call yourself Muslims in ANY islamic country, that your community is persecuted , oppressed, killed . That your Ahmediyya Community faces the worst kind of humiliation in your native country , Pakistan . Speak about the Ahmediyya persecution globally in almost ALL Islamic countries . Charity begins at home. You say nothing about this burning issue , but choose to play the Isamophobia victim card to get votes , become a messiah of equality , the voice of oppressed . YIKES. DISGUSTING. Every time I tag you on twitter with this , you block me. WHY ? Such a cheap hypocrite , DISGUSTING .

Apparently feminist , Ahmediyya, Qasim Rashid blocks anyone who questions him , or anyone who is ex ahmediyya .

Please do a detailed study of Ahmedia persecution by ALL muslims and ask him questions and also why he never exposes that . 

Also stop spreading fake stuff on Twitter , where you get exposed ,
Just a well wisher hoping to save the world from terrorism and terror sympathizers and terror apologist . 

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