Few days back, festival of colors Holi gone. I was in my hometown in Lakhimpur, UTTAR PRADESH. Before the color day I was standing with all my colleagues. I was hearing their narrative most of them are planning for the Alcohol drink party on the color day.

The color day came, I went to my friends. Almost all of them are drunken but 4-5 guys are heavily drunken and they are in no sense. After some time all of them came to road and started fighting each other. Some people are so much drunken that they even don’t recognize there family.

it is we Hindus who will decide how are festival needs to be celebrated. HOLI is beautiful festival of colors in which everyone forget all there fights and hug each other and put colors on each other with smile.

Then I came across an RSS group led by Acharya Sanjay Mishra and many more. They have decided to move Rath yatra of Bhagwan Narsingh throughout the city (Lakhimpur). Many people participated in the rally, I was also part of it. There was a clear instruction that the person who is drunken needs not to join the rally. All went well, people met each other with happiness. The message was very clear – Don’t defame Hindu festival


So I came across the two views of the festival. I request all my brother and sister, it is we who will decide how we have to go further. ” Dusro sa to nipat lege phele apno ko to sahi karle”.


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