The Kanpur violence of June 3 was not a coincidence. There was a well-planned conspiracy. Evidence has been found from Zafar Hayat Hashmi’s mobile WhatsApp chat. Hayat, the main accused in the violence, had taken back the Kanpur market captive for a show. This drama was done to mislead the police. Now videos and photos of the market shutdown have been found in Hayat’s WhatsApp chat. In this, instead of stopping people, he is provoking them. Some such evidence has also been found, in which due to the VVIP movement, the election of June 3 is confirmed.

The conspirators said- Our purpose was fulfilled, a police officer investigating the case said that Hayat Zafar Hashmi, his accomplices Javed, Sufyan and Rahil were interrogated separately. Everyone’s statements were different, but some things were the same. Everyone said that the way Nupur Sharma had given a statement about the Prophet, no one should do the same in future, due to which the day of the program of the President and the Prime Minister was chosen for violence.

Those plotting the violence say that their purpose has been served. His word has reached the top of the country. The accused said that the market closure plan was not only for Kanpur. The effort was to make this happen in every city.

Suspicious chat found in 141 group

In Hayat Hashmi’s mobile, 141 groups have been found on his WhatsApp. On the day of the violence, ie June 3, Hayat was more active on the 14 group. Most conversations and updates were done in a group named MMA Johar Fans Association Kanpur Team. Hyatt was encouraging those who closed the market. After that the photo-videos started getting updated after the market was closed.

Hayat was accompanied by his wife,

Hayat Zafar Hashmi’s wife was very active in the active group. She also kept on sharing all the videos and photos from the captive to the ruckus. Put too many messages. According to police sources, Hayat’s wife is the admin of this group. Police is investigating about each and every message. Also, who are the people in these groups and where are they from? Its full details are being investigated.

Eminent celebrities were helping from behind the scenes,

On the day of the ruckus, Hayat Zafar Hashmi interacted with many eminent personalities of the city. This has been revealed from the CDR of his mobile number. Therefore, the suspicion has increased that these people have also played a role. But he has not appeared. Been involved in the conspiracy from behind the scenes. Police is now collecting evidence for the arrest of all of them.

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