What Qatar has done to India isn’t very different from what China did to India in 2020.

There will be retaliation, I am pretty sure, but it will be calibrated. This just means that India will have to take up active positions in the Middle East. But the fact remains that all of this was instigated by the US. THAT will need even deeper recalibration of India’s future course?

It will also stand to reason to note that this was just the first salvo. IF India continues in its course of wanting to stand for itself, then there will be many more. It just goes to give an indication as to how interesting the second half of the year, ie the next 5-6 months, will turn out to be. Thus, IF you are agitated by just this one happening, I hope you have gotten yourself onto blood pressure medications?

India has decided to stand on its own two feet at a very interesting juncture of world history and everyone wants to either make it bend, get it in its corner, or teach it a lesson. Therefore these provocations and stab attacks will only increase. It should. Cos this is the moment for us to step out of the cocoon of mollycoddled presumptions and smell the real coffee. We’d HAVE to grow up one of these days and, after 75 years, when else would a good time have been?

I’d love to see how many more times you are going to fulminate on what will be happening. High time we realise that EACH and EVERYTHING that happens to the country is directly connected to us and has a bearing on us. The country will not achieve its realisation on its own while we are busy cocooned in our personal aggrandisement, fulfilling EMIs of existence.

If we don’t take up actively the responsibility of our existence today, someone else will take control of it. And they have been at their game a lot earlier than us. While we have been caught up in our naivete and presumptions, they have been operating with a clarity of purpose much before us. Are you sure that your outrage and hyperventilating is all that will be needed to take care of them?

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