I saw the recent tweet by the unfunny Stand up comic , liberal mascot and secular messiah , Vir Das.


He tweeted what he thought was a funny joke mocking the new pronoun pandemic sweeping the world.

As expected, in no time , he was hounded , called HOMOPHOBIC being CANCELED etc.

As expected , like a scared chicken , he deleted the tweet , apologized for hurting sentiments of LGTBFGDTDYTFUHIOJ community .


He is the man who tweeted , the above statement as to how he is scared to tweet anything under FASCIST Modi Raaj , Nazi Sanghi . His brain-dead person has been spewing venom on Hindus, Modi , BJP , RSS non stop since years and nothing happened to him. Not ONE tweet was deleted. DAMN SO MUCH FASCISM NOT .

And one harmless tweet aimed at LGTBRDEYTDTYF community and his balls shrunk to the size of a peanut and vanished. Tweet deleted, apology done and as always back to mocking RSS, Sanghi , BJP , Modi . I mean you are not even a hypocrite, you are a disgusting human with spine , conscience . You are devoid of ANY shame , morals . SO much for Sanawar Education ? Huh ?

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Just when I thought likes you couldn’t get any lower , you keep digging a Marianan Trench with every intellectual tweet . You are as crass as your “Lauda Suraksha Chakra ” . You are as classless as unfunny jokes. You are as wannabee as every other stand up comic.

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