MadalaPanji writes, Kapilendradeba visited Kunda Meru in his 19th Anka. AND seeing the raised inflation in the state, he conquered Kunda Meru in his 33rd Anka and came with prisioner Chandravati Dei. Dei means Elder sister and princess of Chandravati Kingdom.

Chandravati was one of the rich ancient kingdom of India founded by Parmars of Malava, on the bank of Banaskanta river of Rajasthan. Ptolemy mentioned it as Sandravati. It was once a bussiness centre and in the way of Silk route for trading. The settlement of Chandravati was found recently near Mount Abu.

Kunda Meru mentioned in MādalāPānji means water-tank on a mountain. A beutiful lake near Adinath’s temple in Mount Abu is still there indicating its ancient Odia name.

Seeing his kingdom’s situation, he had captured a business centre to make the inflation less during his 33rd Anka (797 CE) by conquering the West-Asia business place Chandravati kingdom, to whose Kunda-Meru piligrimage, he had visited in his 19th Anka (783CE). There is no record. But definitely he might have made Chandravati-princess to marry his son Purushottama Deba.

In his 41 Anka (805 CE), as per the book published by Utkala Sammilani, he had issued a notification for adhering to honesty. Of course, an order was issued and displayed to that effect then at Puri SriMandira. Perhaps that was time of relinquishing himself from direct administration and last year of his rule (32 years in 37 Anka). These activities indiactes towards emerging of a leader of New Odisha as a perfect warrior, administrator and Economist of that time.

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