They Hate! They hate everything under the sun. They hate others, they hate their own, they hate even their own lives. In their 1400 year old history they have been responsible for killing people for the simple crime that they exist. In 1400 years they have, arguably, killed over 3 billion of the world population – half of total global population. They find new ways to hate – to kill.

They hate because a book of unknown provenance with suspect timelines asks them to hate and to kill anyone who it deems unworthy (for the crime of being born as someone not of their faith). But being born or converting into their faith is also no guarantee of safety. For someone who is of the faith but belongs to a different group can very well declare him/her a disbeliever and thus fit for murder.

They hate their women because their book tells them to. They consign the women to the singular role of whores and breeding machines. The women are condemned to eternal hell because they talk back to their husbands! Wonder which woman (if she’s alive and has even a modicum of intelligence) wouldn’t, especially considering the countless idiotic things their husbands do.

They hate their own – simply because during prayers, someone doesn’t fold their hands the way they do! They hate simply because someone had the temerity to quote their own book to them.

They hate anyone who dares question “their” version of the book.

They kill their own if one of theirs leaves their faith. They waged wars, killed countless because they dared to leave the faith. They kill anyone who questions anything written in the book. But more than that they hate anyone who dares question the founder of their faith. Their hate is hotter than hellfire for anyone who dares, even remotely, speaks presumably, irreverently of their founder. However they may overlook insults to their god  but not to the founder of their faith. Uttering his name by an unbeliever invites fury of blasphemy and murder.

Their hate is multifaceted and they express it in myriad ways. Those who have the balls behead, murder brutally, making a spectacle of the act. Those who lack the balls to commit murder project their hate in a relentless war of attrition. They would capture your land, entrap your women, rape them, convert them, murder them. Age is no barrier where women are concerned. Girl toddlers as young as 4 or 5 years are gangraped, their eyes gouged out and their torn bodies thrown in gutters. Teenage girls are trapped in sex jihad, blackmailed and trafficked. Any resistance invites instant death after a ritual gangrape. The bodies are then put up for display – sometimes even hung from trees. There are umpteen examples of their misogyny targeted at our women.

But is their hate limited to our nation? No its transnational and global in its scope. In the middle east when religious wars between two monotheistic supremacist religions were being waged, stories of inhuman brutality by the “believers” is unbelievably horrific – where mothers were force fed the flesh of their children, where knives were tied to parents hands and their hands were then forcibly used to cut open their children’s throats. More recently visuals of beheading, public burning of women are fresh in our collective memories. But more horrific was the enslavement of women of different faith by those who had declared themselves “true believers”. These women tell tales of such inhuman barbarity that it numbs the mind. Worse than all this is that the perpetrators show absolutely no remorse for their barbarism.

Across our borders in the east and the west lie two dystopian lands where humanity is dying a slow painful death with every cry of a minor girl kidnapped, gang raped and converted only to be married off to her rapist, where sane voices are declared blasphemers and killed in the most brutal public manner.

Yes they hate! They will continue to hate because they want this world to end. Only after the world ends will they get to enjoy eternal orgy with beautiful virgins.

A word of caution to the female believers – the eternal heaven has very little to offer to the women That should not worry them too much especially when they have as much a chance to reach heaven as a devil’s fart in hell.



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