We all have come across such incidents several times where a Bollywood personality could be heard or seen giving his or her opinion on the issues of National Interest, Politics, Religion and other such things which are directly connected to the larger portion of population.

Priyanka Chopra is a frontrunner in this Game. She lectures people on various issues. Her target has been Hindus on different occasions but she is in deep love with Muslims and Islam. She is married to a Christian.

This is not the allegation that I am making, she herself says this.

Incident 1

She lectures Hindus to celebrate their most auspicious festival Diwali without crackers. More or less she says there should be no celebration. She said that she is a patient of Asthma, pollution is harmful for such people. It may seem very genuine request but it is not. Because she was seen “Smoking” with her husband in a picture of her.

Source : India Today

There was a huge celebration on her wedding day which witnessed crackers bursting in a large number.

All the lecture was for Hindus only, for Diwali only. This is the tradition of Bollywood actors.

Incident 2

In 2018, in the 3rd season of an American Show named ‘Quantico’, a scene shocked everyone.

During her investigations, Parrish (Priyanka’s character) finds a religious Hindu symbol – a Rudraksh chain – on the neck of one of the suspects leading her to conclude that the plot was devised by Indian nationalists to frame Pakistan in a nuclear terror attack.

India Today

This was more like a propaganda to defend Pakistan on International Level and to show India as a Villain Country. What more can we expect from Bollywood people.

Incident 3

She visited Rohingya camps in Bangladesh in 2018 as UNICEF goodwill ambassador. She was more in love with them than Indian homeless people. Mumbai has world’s largest slum ‘Dharavi’. If she meant to help out people, she could go there but she chose Rohingya camp, knowing very well that what kind of border crisis India is facing.

Rohingyas are Illegal infiltrators in India, but Priyanka has only love for them not for Indian people who are helpless.

Incident 4

Lecturing Hindus on Diwali while herself smoking; showing Hindus as terrorists while practically NOT a single Hindu is terrorist; helping those Rohingyas who massacred 99 Hindus in Rakhain in 2017……

What all this shows? It shows her mentality. She is a Muslim Sympathizer, she is not worried for Humanity otherwise she would have cared for people starving in her own city Mumbai.

In the video attached below, she can be heard saying that the five minutes of Azaan are most pleasing to her. She loves Azaan.

This is the true face of her. She loves Azaan (Islamic Prayer); she cares for the community which is the mass murderer of Hindus, which is a threat to Bangladesh according to their Prime Minister. Hindus are shown as terrorists in her show.

She latter apologized for that scene in the show. But that does not make sense because the show is still there, the propaganda is still there.

The Auspicious Rudraksh Mala was insulted and was connected to terrorism; this insult is still there. Everything is there. The image and dignity of Hindu Dharma is maligned on the International level even when NOT a single Hindu is Terrorist.

But she loves Azaan, which is the prayer of thousands of Islamic Terrorists worldwide, who blow up cities, kill innocent people, make women ‘Sex Slaves’. All she has is love for them, not even a nano-criticism. It is clear now (at least to me) that –

Priyanka Chopra is Anti Hindu.

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