SSo the “Bhands” of Bollywood have united against nationalist media channels, who are exposing their sins committed in the name of acting. Every second movie stereotypes against Hindus and tries to ridicule the communities and subcommunities of them. When they are questioned on this, the Bollywoodians escape at the logic of freedom of expression. What happened to the freedom of news reporting of the news channels now? 

News channels such as Republic Bharat and Times Now were actively investigating the recent murder case of SSR. They were reaching to the real culprits, Jihadi Khans, of Bollywood for thier alleged involvement in not only this case but in many others. This is why the Jihadi “Bhands” of Bollywood united against these channels and moved to court to stop any news story being reported about them and their sins.

What happened to the freedom of expression and right to information of the common men of the country? Whether they have the right to information about the recent murder of Shushant Singh Rajput? Since social media has democratized the information access, one can see the consecutive flops of these “Bhands” tried to vilify Hindus. This indicates that there is a new kind of Hindu awakening.

This Hindu awakening will not tolerate the disguised Jihadists and their propaganda movies anymore. The movies in which they purposefully depict Kshatriyas cruel, Brahmins greedy, Baniyas crooked, South Indians black, but Jihadi mullahs as honest. Apart from this these “Bhands” have made a cartel where they do not let an outsider flourish in Bollywood. Once they feel threatened by an outsider, they get her eliminated like Sushant Singh Rajput.

Now, the common Hindu of India must understand how dangerous this cartel is for them and the country. This “Bhand” cartel endorses bigotry, violence, terrorism, nudity, drugs, jihad, and treachery. They actively mock on Hindu traditions and promote Islam through thier movies. Therefore, Hindus must boycott any such movie and hire an advocate eg. Subramanian Swami, to file a case against “Bhand” cartel for hurting the sentiments of Hindus for years. The film cities across the country should also be built to democratize the entertainment industry. 

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