Farooq Abdullahs love for China

Farooq Abdullah statement over restoration of “Article 370 with help of China” have shown the real game played in Kashmir. When leader like Farooq Abdullah says about Kashmir, it has lot of meanings. Lets see all those meanings one by one

Inviting China on Kashmir Issue

Have you seen the new political map of Pakistan which was released few months back? In that map, Pakistan had claim Kashmir to part of Pakistan (nothing unusual), but Ladakh was missing. It simply means Pakistan has invited China to claim the territory of Ladakh as it’s own.

Farooq Abdullah’s statement also indicate that China should play the role in restoration of Article 370 and 35A, Which has given the special status to certain families. But, as a Muslim, you will never ever see Farooq Abdullah speaking on Uighur Muslims in China.

Learning from it’s mentor Pakistan

In last few years, Pakistan has learnt to change it’s “maai baap”, From Arab to Turkey to Malaysia and China, Farooq Abdullah is learning and practicing the same. First they were in favor of Pakistan and now as they, Pakistan itself is living on favor of China, lets go to China directly. Otherwise which country accept to wear the mask made of used underwears?

But here is the problem, If China is really that helpful in “restoration of Article 370”, there would have been some result in closed door meeting of UN. Scrapping of Article 370 has lead to snatch the special status of Abdullah, Mufti and Azad (Congress) family.

Take side of Enemy Always

It has been in the nature of PDP, NC and Congress is, whenever they are out of power, they always take side of Enemy, be it China or Pakistan. Killing thousands of Kashmiri Pandits making them leave their own home state. No word uttered on the condition of KPs, but within a year, they all come together to defeat India.

There have been many terrorist attacks in India since early 90s but Abdullahs, Muftis and Azads have always been supporting Pakistan. Otherwise if resolution of Kashmir issue can be found with dialogue, what NC, PDP and Congress were doing since years?

Everyone know that Article 370 can not be restored but they this issue will be kept alive until something big does not happen in country and they can blame Modi and its decision of scrapping of Article 370. To what what Abdullah, Mufti and Separatist are, read the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits. You will know how much they hate Hindus.

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