It turns out that Meena had to go through [barbaric humiliation]- Halala. Meena’s Nikaah happened with Kamal’s friend Aman Ullah Khan. After that he was the father of Actress Zeenat Aman, after marrying Aman and having a physical relationship, Meena divorced him, and then she re-married Kamal.

In fact, Meena Kumari married famous writer-director Kamal Amrohi in 1952, and after the two got married, Meena was 19, while Kamal was 34. For a few years after the wedding, the relationship began to get bitter, and according to a report in India Today, Meena Kumari allowed writer-director Gulzar to come to her makeup room on the day of Muhurat’s 1964 film “Pinjre Ke Pakshi”. Then, angry, Kamal’s assistant Bakar Ali slapped Meena.

Meena is said to have told Bakar that she would not come home tonight and then moved to Madhu’s house, the wife of her sister and actor Mahmood. It is said that Kamal tried hard to get her back but all the efforts failed and Meena never came back to Kamal. Vinod, a senior journalist who writes Meena Kumari’s biographies ‘Men Who Loved and Left Meena Kumari’, also ruled out any incident in Meena’s life, including triple talaq and Halala Nikah, but the real air of the social media reports was brought out by historians and writer Rana Safvi. “These are all nonsense things,” Safvi tweeted.

At the same time, Kamal Amrohi belonged to the Shia community of Muslims and the Shias do not have any practice like Halala Nikah. Then, on March 31, 1972, Meena Kumari died of liver cirrhosis and after her separation from Kamal in 1964, Meena started taking sleeping pills and was deteriorating her health. To keep away from sleeping pills, the doctor advised her to drink a little brandy before bedtime and Meena turned to wine from Brandi and started drinking a lot. In the end, Meena Kumari lost her life.

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