China refusing to accept the blame for unleashing a devastatingly deadly Covid-19 pandemic in the world, has with impunity nominated the source of the deadly virus, Wuhan Institute of Virology for the country’s topmost science award.

The laboratory was put forward for the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ 2021 Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Prize. The country’s ‘bat woman’ scientist, Shi Zhengli, who leads research into the animal at the lab, also received a special mention from the committee according to Daily Mail.

Shi Zhengi, the ‘Bat woman’ has been reportedly accused of conducting controversial ‘gain of function’ experiments which genetically modify viruses in order to better understand the risks they pose.

While many scientists world over have come to a broad consensus that labs at the Wuhan Institute of Virology is the only source of the Covid-19 virus leak, inadvertent or otherwise, China tries to brazen the charge away by resisting an independent and transparent investigation on the matter.

China is continuously refusing to co-operate in an investigation by independent agencies by allowing access to the Wuhan lab to trace the origin of the deadly virus which has left lakhs of people dead and many more critically ill worldwide. The pandemic has also hit the world economy so badly, due to necessary lockdowns stopping all economic activities to curb the spread of the deadly infection.

China even refused access to the WHO team which visited China in January this year to examine the Wuhan labs for the virus leak. While with every passing day more proof tumbles out which strongly points out to a leak of the virus from Wuhan lab.

US infectious diseases boss Dr Anthony Fauci faces calls to resign over the Wuhan Lab leak scandal after he dismissed last year the theory as nonsense while being fully aware of its possibility.

Several scientists who rallied earlier against the lab leak theory have now turned around and changed their minds asking for a full inquiry on the matter. Independent researchers who red flagged the Wuhan Lab Leak were allegedly silenced by Dr Fauci as the leaked e-mails suggests they were warned of dire consequences and job losses for exposing and pursuing the Covid-19 Wuhan lab leak theory.

US President Joe Biden had recently ordered a full investigation into the origin of the pandemic virus and demanded scientists investigate the matter thoroughly to get to the bottom of the matter. Recently, G-7 has also mounted pressure on China by asking it to co-operate with the WHO led team to investigate into the origins of the deadly virus.

While the former US President Donald Trump stands vindicated as he always said that there are evidences to believe that the Covid-19 pandemic leaked from the Chinese Wuhan Lab. He insisted that China pays billions of dollars in reparation to the world for the havoc it has unleashed globally as a manufacturer of the Covid-19 pandemic.

While all countries globally suffered economic distress due to the compulsory lockdowns necessitated due to the pandemic, China’s economy soared and its exports grew in contrast, which lends credence to the belief that the pandemic was a manufactured bio-warfare.

News input & Image sourced from: Daily Mail.

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