Since, it is his birthday today; Tippu Sultan is again in news. For secular gang Tippu is always a hero; however, a little research on what he did to Hindus during his reign will show he was not what is being told to us about him. In his book, ‘Kerala Under Haidar Ali and Tippu Sultan’ published in 1973 Kareem, C.K wrote that Tippu Sultan issued an edict for the destruction of Hindu temples in Kerala.

In a copy of an order issued by Tippu Sultan discovered from Palghat Fort after its capture In 1790 shows that he directed that every being in the district should be traced from their lurking places and that all means of truth and falsehood fraud or force should be employed to effect their universal conversion.

Keeping Coorgis as Prisoners to convert them

Another incident of Tippu’s crime comes to front when he invaded Coorg. In his letter to the Nawab of Kurnool, he wrote that had taken more than forty thousand people as prisoners and converted them to Islam. During his invasion of Coorg Tippu also went about destroying temples. One such temple in his target was the Omkareshwara temple in Mercara. Locals were aware of Tippu’s nefarious intentions; therefore, they were prepared for any onslaught on the temple and for that they knocked down the temple’s towers and replaced them with domes.

If anyone visits the temple even today, the domes tell the story what was about to happen to them and why had it to be changed and made to look like a mosque. The five year old article written by MA Deviah tells what had happened to Coorg as Tippu ravished it, “Coorg was directly affected by Tipu’s tyranny. His occupation of the tiny kingdom, those days ruled by the Haleri dynasty, was marked with destruction of temples, killing of what Tipu called infidels, and mass conversions.”

Tippu not just hated Hindus, he equally hated Christians

Tippu was a true Jihadi in classical sense, if he was doing all that what he did those days, he would sound like Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi. As British defeated Tippu, they recovered more than 2,000 letters which were in his own hand writing where he had termed Hindus as kefirs and infidels and we all know what and how Kafirs are treated by true Muslims.

Tippu had also mentioned Christians in those letters and for him they were as good as were Hindus. He wrote in one such letter that Christians i.e. the British need to be cleansed or converted if Islam is to be established in India.

Killer of Iyengar Brahmins

Diwali is dark for Mandyam Iyengars of Karnataka thanks to Tippu Sultan. Though the exact year is not known, it is well known a fact that on “Naraka Chaturdasi” the army of Sultan rounded up the Mandyam Iyengar community living in Melkote and killed more than 800 people.

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