The movie Kerala files are set to be released in few days. The movie clearly depicts the pathetic state of Jihadization of the most literate state of India.

The real villain is actually Tipu. How?

The land in Malabar region was mostly owned by the Hindus (Jenmi). The Moplahs (Muslims are called Moplahs in Malabar region) were mostly tenants of the land who cultivated it and gave a certain percentage of the produce to the Jenmi. In those times, this was mostly the norm all through out India (and even Europe, China and America).

Then Haider and Tipu attack Malabar (1766-92). Moplahs being Muslims support Haider and Tipu.  Haider and Tipu snatched big chunks of Jenmi’s land and distributed them among Moplahs. Tipu and Haider drove away all of the Hindu Jenmi from Malabar (similar to Kashmiri Pandits). They find refuge in neighboring Hindu kingdoms like Travancore.

In the 4th Anglo-Mysore war in 1799, Tipu is defeated, killed and Mysore is annexed by British.

The British welcome the Hindu landowning class Jenmi, return them their land and resettle them in Malabar after snatching them from Muslims. This step of British saved Malabar from becoming a Muslim majority area and also reduced the economic power of the Muslims.

But this created a solid background for a series of conflicts between Moplahs and Hindus. Through out 19th century there were skirmishes between Moplahs and Hindus (the most prominent one in 1836).

This enmity culminated with the Moplah Hindu+Christian genocide in 1921.

The British, however made all attempts to stamp out the Jihadi influence from Kerala.  The Moplah genocide provided them the opportunity.

The British brought in the feared Gorkha regiment to suppress the riots and by end 1921- early 1922 the riots were suppressed. The ringleaders (all of them Muslims) were either hanged or deported to Andamans. Not only that, the British also auctioned off the wealth of the Moplahs which broke their economic power and saved Kerala from becoming an Islamic state OR Khilafat kingdom.

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