In Israel, a tomb has been unearthed with a warning written in blood-red letters that advise against opening it.
Since the photographs of the tomb leaked online, the story has gained popularity on social media. Archaeologists uncovered the tomb in a recently unearthed cave within an old cemetery in Galilee’s Jewish Beit Shearim cemetery.

According to the Times of Israel, the Hebrew wording on the tomb monument reads, “Jacob (Iokobos) the convert swears upon himself that anyone who opens this grave will be cursed.”

On June 8, Israel’s official Twitter account posted a photo of the tomb marker with the caption: “Things not to open include: – Pandora’s Box – An indoor umbrella – Graveyards from the past. In Galilee, a 1,800-year-old tomb marker commemorating a Jewish convert named Jacob the Convert was recently unearthed. An inscription on the headstone warned people not to dig up the tomb.”

This is the first tomb unearthed in a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 65 years, according to experts.


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