What’s the best part of a romance novel?

Steamy scenes that make us fan ourselves!

The angst that hits us right in feels when one of them denies their feelings.

The hero and heroine finally sharing their undying devotion.

The Grovelling When One Doesn’t believe the Sudden About-face.

Or Their Will To Fight for the Other when he/she has given up.

What to do when you finish a book and you are craving more?

What do you do when you come down from the high? These books can be an emotional roller-coaster. They make you hot one second, and then you are crying like a baby.  They make you fall in love, they break your heart, but they give us a chance at love. The kind of love hard to find in real life and the love that’s rare. 

After you finish a book that has given you a taste, it’s hard not to come back for seconds. So, we look for books that might satisfy our cravings. More often than not, we end up re-reading the book. Every time you re-read a book, you find something you missed the last time. But the reason we tend to re-read so often is we have a hard time finding books that match our standards. Let me help you with it.

Re-reading a book is a compliment to the author and her quality of work. A new book is an adventure. Turning every page is a discovery. So although we have zero issues with re-reading a book, we are always on the lookout for a good book.

We have no idea how these authors do it. But they build a fascinating world. A world so inviting, we want to belong to it.  The world that we lived in, the world where we grew up with the characters, the world where we fell in love with the characters.

Letting go of the world and characters can be a pain. Some of us prefer to find a new book with similar worlds, while some would jump from one genre to another.

Everyone has their own way of letting things go, for some, it might mean a minute, whereas for others a decade. So until we are ready to let go of the books, we are caught in a cycle.

It’s a never-ending cycle of loving your characters and finding new characters to love.

what should i read next

We are aware of the presence of published authors with quality content, but how to find them?

I have two simple methods to find new books, and I’ll share them with you. They might seem obvious, but more than often, we tend to overlook the obvious. These might not help you find the book, but these methods shall help narrow down the best books.

1] Search By Similar Authors. (goodreads.com):

If you have just finished a Susan Elizabeth Phillips book, then you looking for something that would fill the hole in your life left by the characters you bid farewell.
I have to admit. I have yet to find an author as good as SEP. Her books have everything! 

  • The characters are well-written (Both the Protagonist and the supporting characters)
  • Talented Heroines that are a little lost but end up winning it all.
  • Stubborn Arrogant Heroes that think they have it all but are missing out.
  • She is the master of world-building
  • In some books, it takes years for the characters to find their Happily beginnings. 
  • Her best books are Chicago Stars series, Wynette Texas series, and Honeymoon.

To find similar authors, you can use the following words: authors similar to Susan Elizabeth Phillips or authors like Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

Search google with the above keywords. We have shown how it works with screenshots.
Google will take you the most relevant result. In this case that happens to be goodreads.com.

Goodreads Search Results For Authors similar to Susan Elizabeth Phillips.
First result for google search of authors similar to Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

Once you click on one of these search results. You’ll be taken to the goodreads website as follows:

2] Search By Similar Books. (goodreads.com):

Do any of you read paranormal romance? We’ll try this method on a paranormal romance novel or an Urban fantasy Magic Bites.

The romance part comes at the end of the book. But this is one book that has a riveting introduction. So, no matter how many times you read it, you never want to skip it.

The Goodread’s list of Books similar to Magic Bites.

Out of all these books I have read the below four. They have similar elements.

1. Curran (Curran POV #1-2): These books are novellas in Curran’s POV. He is Kate Daniel’s partner, mate, and husband in Magic Bites.

2. Bone Crossed (Mercy Thompson, #4): Mercy Thompson is a bit tame compared to Magic Bites. But if you haven’t already read it, go for it. Start with book one in the series.

3. Twice Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires, #3): Like most books, the starting is a bit boring. But don’t skip the first book. The constant push and pull between Ethan and Merit is frustrating, and yet the highlight of this book series.

4. Blood Lines (World of the Lupi, #3): It’s fluff compared to the others. But the character are well written. You’ll admire the heroine Lily, but you might not like the hero from the get-go. He might grow on you, or he won’t.

These are only Two of the Four methods I have been using to find my next romance read. You can find more by visiting: Top Four Methods To Find Your Next Romance Read!

Finally, any obssesive readers out there? Head over to Obssesive_Readers_Problems

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