Once students have identified the course they want to attend, the million-dollar question is “Do I need coaching for this?”

It has become fashionable that coaching institutes are seen as money-making centres, full of shady claims. While this may be true for some institutes, an important role is also being played by the coaching institutes.

Let’s take the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) as an example. Law aspirants in India opt for CLAT after appearing in their 12th board exams. CLAT is a 2-hour paper of 200 MCQs with sections on English, Maths, Reasoning, General Knowledge and Legal Aptitude.

It is one of the relatively easy exams in which students can appear after Std. 12.

Is coaching necessary to crack CLAT? No.

Are there any benefits of taking CLAT coaching? Yes

Here are 5 reasons why coaching can help you crack an exam like CLAT

There are sections in CLAT that are not a part of the regular school curriculum

While English and Maths sections can be cracked by students who have learned these subjects properly in school, CLAT also has sections on Reasoning, GK and most importantly – Legal Aptitude.

The argument is not difficult. However, it requires the students to understand certain concepts which can help them to solve this section easily. Most of the school subjects do not cover many of the topics that are frequently asked in this section. An intelligent student himself can figure out the ways to solve such questions. But, for most students, a teacher is the best way to understand and master these subjects.

The Legal Aptitude section requires the students to understand certain concepts which they may find difficult to do. This is where a good teacher comes in handy.

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Schooling does not help in strategy for entrance exams like CLAT

School exams are subjective. The main objective of the school exam is to clear a basic passing percentage and then to score as many marks as possible. There cannot be a concept of negative marking for wrong answers in such exams. However, the entrance exam is an entirely different ballgame. The goal is to score higher than everyone else. The number of questions asked is often large as compared to the time available. Negative marking can play a big role in the result. The strategies used by students to prepare for school exams and maximize their scores are often very different from the strategies required to crack entrance exams. A good teacher from a coaching institute is well versed in these strategies.

Students lack self-discipline

Is it possible to take study material and prepare for the entrance exam only? Yes.

However, it requires a lot of self-discipline for the student to set a regular schedule for his/her school studies as well as complete preparation for the examination. This may sound harsh, but young students often lack the enthusiasm to do so. CLAT Coaching centres, much like schools, give students a structured study plan that helps them crack the entrance exam.

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Coaching Centers Help You Look Beyond CLAT

Coaching institutes are in the business of entrance exams. They know their industry. A law aspirant may not be aware of the options available beyond CLAT. Coaching institutes keep an eye on the various entrance exams in their chosen field and communicate this information to their students in a timely manner. They update students on various application procedures and deadlines.

With increasing competition, every help is important

It goes without saying that there is no harm in getting all the help possible in achieving your dreams. A young boy can practice the game of cricket on his own. However, one is always looking for a good coach to achieve the pinnacle of success in sports. Coaching institutes provide resources and guidance to the students to make the best use of their potential.

So, overall, while coaching institutes may not be necessary for everyone, they do exist for those who can make use of their services and get the best out of them.

Best of Luck for CLAT 2022!

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