It’s been months the clash between Twitter and Government of India ( GoI ) is going on. Starting from removal of verified badge of Indian VP’s official Twitter handle and giving the incident an image of “technical glitch” till marking Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir as different countries in it’s website Twitter crossed all its limits.

Reportedly on 28th June , 2021 nearly between 15:00 IST – 17:00 IST it was found that the map of India shown by Twitter in it’s website was clearly indicating parts of Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir as different countries . This error was appeared in the carrer section of Twitter’s website under the header named “Tweep Life”. Twitter quietly withdrew the wrong map from its website after it created an uproar among it’s users.

While giving a statement on this issue social media head of UPCC SC Dept. and Social Media influencer Mr. Sandeep Singh said that , “Twitter has no authority to decide or draw Indian borders.Twitter should issue a clarification and official apology regarding this matter immediately. Twitter and its tussle with BJP and Its Supporters has already damaged India’s reputation. We Cant allow twitter to interfere with integrity of India.”

So it’s high time Twitter should put a full stop on it’s clash with GoI by taking out solutions for the problem caused and should work towards the smooth functioning of the micro-blogging platform across the country.

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