Sunak, who is competing with Foreign Minister Liz Truss in the final leg of the race for British prime minister, said gender or ethnicity will not be a factor in Tory members’ postal ballots next week.

Rsihi Sunak Interview: Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak said on Sunday that in the matter of being elected as the next leader of the Conservative Party and the successor of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, Racism is not a factor for the members.

Sunak, who is competing against Foreign Minister Liz Truss in the final leg of the British prime ministerial race, said factors such as gender or ethnicity will play no role in Tory members’ postal ballots next week.

Why was this question asked?

Sunak’s statement came at a time when Lord Rami Ranger, an Indian-origin businessman and Conservative Party affiliate, said in a video last week that Britain would be seen and would also go down in History as racist if Sunak lost to Tory in the leadership election.

What did Sunak say in the interview given to The Daily Telegraph?

Sunak said in an interview to ‘The Daily Telegraph’ that I don’t think it is a factor in any (member’s) decision. I don’t think this is correct. He said that I was elected a member of Parliament from Richmond… Our members preferred merit over anything else.

What did Rishi Sunak say about the tax dispute of his wife?

I am sure that when they would consider this question, they will only prioritize who is the best person to be prime minister… gender, ethnicity and anything else will have no role. Referring to attacks on wife Akshata Murthy’s tax case related to Infosys shares, Sunak said that this is a very old thing and he has clarified that time and again that he never had any relation with this issue.

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