There are two lesbian candidates standing for their own respective parties in the upcoming Batley and Spen by-election. One of the women opposes the treatment of gays at the hands of Muslims and is eager to have a dialogue about the issue. The other promises to be a voice for those in the district who support Palestine. Which woman do you suppose is gaining support, and which one do you suppose is being protested?

SUTR (Stand Up To Racism) came to town in order to protest Anne-Marie Waters’ presence there, whilst ignoring every other issue and form of racism that the town faces from some Muslims. She is one of the two aforementioned lesbian candidates. The other is Jo Cox’s sister Kim Leadbeater. Kim was heckled by a few Muslim men on the street the other day, and they were asking her if she would continue pushing for LGBT indoctrination of children in schools should she get elected. She immediately, and with no self-awareness, told him that the Muslim community in her area deserves “better than this.” By “this,” she was alleging that the Muslim male’s views are in no way representative of the views held by her Muslims (the left always treats BAME people as pets or property).

I would say that other lesbians and Kim Leadbeater herself deserve “better” from the Muslims that she’s so desperate to represent. Some of them are involved in WhatsApp chats about her, citing five reasons why no Muslim should vote for her. The first reason is: “1) She is a lesbian and will push the LGBTQ agenda in our town.” It leaves me wondering how much more exactly Leadbeater thinks Muslims in her area “deserve.” Many of them are already dictating the terms of teaching in schools and getting away with intimidating and committing mass rape within the community, a common Islamic problem that was also ignored when her sister Jo was in office there. I find myself wondering about the non-Muslims living in her area. Do they “deserve better,” or do they “deserve” anything at all other than to shut up and keep living amongst such intolerant bigots? Batley is in a condition that Kim Leadbeater more than likely thinks residents will have to endure until her poor little Muslims can drag themselves into the twenty-first century. She even appears, as a lesbian, to be willing to tolerate their homophobia in order to get a vote.

Her sister Jo was accused of neglecting the most vulnerable in her community while she preferred to focus on problems abroad and particularly in Syria. She stated that 20,000 refugees being brought into the UK wasn’t enough, she wanted that number increased dramatically. Non-Muslim girls were being raped and trafficked just miles from her front door in her constituency, by Muslim migrants and asylum seekers, and yet her focus never left her pet project – Syrian refugees and the White Helmets. Likewise, we’re seeing in her sister Kim a need to put Palestinian issues at the front and centre of her campaign manifesto, even though she lives in the UK, and even while the unattended rape crisis has grown all around her. It’s all the more perplexing given that this is happening in Pride month here in the UK, and there are rainbow flags everywhere.

Kim is a curious case – she’s a gay woman who is defending Islam in the West and Palestine over Israel. I’d expect her to inform Muslims living in Batley about the lack of LGBT rights in Palestine. If they’re already aware of this, then I’d expect her to educate them on why persecution is a bad thing, and work towards creating a deeper understanding within the Muslim community of gay people’s rights. A sort of two-state solution right here in the UK, if you will, where Muslims get to be Muslims and gays get to be gays without being persecuted and killed, and where everyone respects each other’s differences and we all live happily ever after. The needs and concerns of Muslims dominates the political world in Batley. They are 20% of the electorate, and with the fight being so close between Labour and Conservatives around the 40% mark each, it’s vital for a candidate to appeal to Muslims.

Nadeem Raja manages the Al-Hikmah Centre, which oversees seven mosques in the area, and therefore is in control of the Muslim vote. It is sounding the call for everyone to vote for George Galloway. Galloway has no chance of winning, but, Raja says, George is “a champion of the Muslim community across the country, and internationally as well.” If Kim Leadbeater wants to continue her political career, she’s going to have to choose a side and throw someone under the bus at some point – gays or Muslims. Pick one, because the two cannot coexist.


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