Ultra Left Influence on Indian Muslim Political Thought (Islamo-leftism)

If I remember correctly in1989, I attended a debate on Kashmir sponsored by a ultra left Maoist student union in our college. The material supplied to us for preparation for this debate was only siding with Independent Kashmir movement and the top two prizes went to students argued for Kashmir Independence and I ended up getting 3rd prize for arguing unity. Three decades later also , We are witnessing  Infamous Tukde Tukde Slogans in various central educational institutions like JNUs, AMUs, Hyderabad Universities and their alliance with apologists of Radical Islam is now TRP grabbing news item for our TV media. This phenomenon is not restricted to India alone, We can find UK Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, US Democrat’s Bernie Sanders are some of the politicians who are looking for political gains by allying with Islamists.

Its better if Muslims could stop ultra left from using their religion in their fight against Hindu religion, be it  about  JNU or Vande Mataram or Indian Flag or even Nationalism. In my opinion, Muslims could be under illusion that ultra left would join in their fight against Indian government but Ultra left has different ideas about this relationship as they have mastered using Muslim card as threat in their fight against establishment. The Dalit Muslim unity bogey is one such example where Muslims are unwittingly became part of political slugfest between Mainstream Politiicans and Ultra left for slice of Dalit Political capital. Here Muslims must weigh Ms Mayavathi’s politics during CAA protests in the prism of Dalit Muslim Unity.

Desecration of Mahishasura Mardhini, Prayer Meetings for likes of Burhan Wani, Yaqub Memon, Hackling of Right wing luminaries like Rajiv Malhotra et al, Abuse of Hinduism in protests for Justice to Rohith Vemula, Faiz Poem Hum bhi Dekhenge, Tera Mera Rishta, Tukde Tukde kind of slogans by stundets belong to ultra left student parties in JNU, AMU, JMI, Jadhavpur University and many central universities and extremely biased reporting in mass media actually enraged Hindus who are still nursing wounds which are result of centuries of humiliation in the hands of Muslim rulers.

We have a new name in vogue for ultra left in India that is Urban Naxals (Ref: Vivek Agnihotri’s book bearing same name) and these people are notorious for abuse of Hindu Society are actually from highly influential classes in Indian society especially from Brahmin and Shia Muslim communities. Though these people enjoy very little traction in Indian electoral politics but enjoy huge patronage from Indian Mainstream media takes up Muslim and Dalit Causes to make them relevant in high decibel Indian politics. If you want any proof, try mapping castes of Politburo members of Communist parties including CPI Maoist.

Tweets and statements of Senators and Congressman belonging to Democratic party and leading public intellectuals associated with leading US and European universities and think tanks added a new dimension to this ideological battle, these can be called globalists who offers freewheeling opinion on every issue happening anywhere in the world to support the “noble” cause espoused by their comrades.

This multidimensional intellectual onslaught by ultraleft using their media and other social media channels giving governments/oppressors an opportunity to further increase the repression on their Muslim subjects. The internet suspensions, travel bans and detentions, Concentration camps are some of the methods that governments are using now a days against flow of information. Its obvious that these measures will hurt visible minorities like Muslims and opposition leaders with extreme political ideologies more than anyone

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