Family as the basic unit of society performs various functions to keep social processes in place making it the most important unit of society. As Hindus, we often do not understand the significance of the family as a unit of society in protecting Dharma and keeping its principles alive.

We always blame the government that why necessary steps are not taken for temples, we always complain about the Hindu phobic nature of Judiciary and Bureaucracy. And one thing we blame the most is the education curriculum. It is not wrong to do so but does this incompetent “Hindu” government, Judiciary, or bureaucracy is stopping you from knowing about Dharma and preach its learnings.

If a child who is uneducated and unaware of Dharmic teaching becomes a victim of the biased Indian education system it’s the fault of the family. It’s the family that provides immunity to the child who is very vulnerable to this education system. It is not very difficult for the Urban Naxalite academicians to kill the great potential of students and convert them into RTP (ready to protest) comrades. It’s the family as a unit that passes the traditions, rituals, and thoughts. If the environment of the Family is good, it becomes very easy for the younger generations to get attached to the Dharma. If a family initiates, then others will join the movement. It is no secret that this social process will take a lot of time but that does not mean that you should not start this.

This process integration is cyclic that means it is the Dharma that keeps the family intact and the family passes Dharmic principles. Now it will be easy to understand why Hindu temples and festivals are continuously attacked by the dividing forces. Not just because they want to defame India and its culture but also because temples, rituals, and festivals unite people. And anything which unites is a threat to these dividing forces because it is very hard to subvert people who believe in their culture and Dharma. For example, If you remove firecrackers from Deepawali, you are indirectly removing children from the festival. Subsequently, it will destroy the meaning of the whole festival which is uniting family in a very joyful environment.

If the people who are aware of the dangers which the Sanatan Dharma is facing, try to aware their own families and neighbourhood about the Sanatana teachings and clear their misconceptions about the Dharma rather than ranting on social media it will be a far better service to Dharma. It’s the same case with the free temple movement. Rather than just supporting it on Twitter, as a society we should try to develop local temples which are not government-controlled. That does not mean that we don’t need institutional support nut we can’t rely on others for Raksha of Dharma. These two processes in which one is top to bottom and the other one is bottom to top has to go hand in hand. But if one thinks that this great Hindu civilization relies on a party’s government for its existence this mentality is very problematic.

All these things start with a basic social unit- family. So, we need to understand the importance of family because it’s the most vital thing which gives us strength.

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