A sane minded and a rational person must observe how the chamchas of Rahul Gandhi are trying their best to give a tough fight to their master in terms of displaying their low IQ levels. Time and again, leftists have tried their best to make the head of Rahul Gandhi stand high by not letting him feel that he is not the only person with such low IQ. Every effort to make Rahul Gandhi comfortable is being done by the so called liberals.

Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) seizes nearly 3,000 kg heroin worth Rs 15,000 crore from two containers at Mundra port in Gujarat’s Kutch district. Mundra Port is being managed by the Adani Group. After the incident is being reported, letters with Rahul Gandhi level IQ are continuously targeting Gautam Adani who is the owner of the Adani group for the incident. After reading the tweets of these low IQ intellectuals one should wonder that should we blame Maruti Suzuki for all the kidnappings done in the omni van. But sadly logic and leftists have only the first letter “L” as common. It is worth noting that the ship that carried the contraband was from Iran and the containers that held the drugs were from Afghanistan. The ship was caught just after entering the Indian waters. As per reports, DRI officials were alerted about the drugs and the operation was carried out over several days to finally seize the major heroin shipment.

It was really funny to read the comments of the chamchas wandering in social media. One user wrote “The country wants to know whether Modiji’s friend Adani will be arrested?”. They even compared this incident with the incident of drug found with Rhea Chakraborty. A congressman Srivatsa went on to write “59 grams of weed got Rhea jailed with NCB, ED, IT, CBI & Media behind her”. The term Adani itself raises so much anger into the minds of these leftists that they loose their power of basic thinking.

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