CBI needs to investigate murders cum suicides happened within one month span :

1] Manmeet Greewal 15th May (SSR’s friend) murdered

2] Preksha Mehtha 26th May (SSR’s friend) murdered

3] Krish kapur 31st May (SSR’s friend & “Jalebi Movie” casting director) murdered

4] Disha Salion 8th June (SSR’s manager) raped & murdered

5] Samir Bangara 14th June (SSR’s friend) allegedly got road accident on june14’s early morning

6] Sushant Singh Rajput 14th June of India) drugged & murdered

7] Anandi Dhawan 14th June Missing/Fugitive/Murdered.. till date ,some news channels/youtubers are saying that the 2nd dead body with SSR’s was of her,

8] Steve Pinto 14th June Missing/fugitive/Murdered

9] Vijay Salgaonkar 14th June Missing/Fugitive/Murdered

10] Sameer Sharma 5th August -(SSR’s friend TV actor) brutally & heinously murdered.

Courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/303389383594997/posts/690398551560743/?d=n. Image credit – thescrbblr

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