From the Dictionary:
the forcible return of refugees or asylum seekers to a country where they are liable to be subjected to persecution.
“international and EU law prohibit refoulement”
Non-refoulement is a fundamental principle of international law that forbids a country receiving asylum seekers from returning them to a country in which they would be in likely danger of persecution based on “race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion”. — Wikipedia

The Victory Party (TurkishZafer PartisiZP) is a far-right nationalistanti-refugeeKemalist political party in Turkey founded on August 26, 2021 under the leadership of Ümit Özdağ. It is represented in the Grand National Assembly by a single MP: Özdağ himself.

The Victory Party is the continuation of the Ayyıldız Movement initiated by Ümit Özdağ, which became a youth movement after the establishment of party. The founding petition of the party was submitted to the Ministry of the Interior on 26 August 2021 and then the party was officially established. The party leader Özdağ supports the refoulement of refugees. — Wikipedia

Turkey has been a major role player in pushing refugees into Greece in the dark of night.  This #BankruptTurkey has taken up millions from the UNHCR etc., in the name of aid and rehabilitation while at the same time, contributing to the biggest migrant crisis in Europe.

Now enters a YouTube video of a political party that has the political agenda of ridding refugees from Turkey.  Lately, Pakistanis were captured on video harassing Turkish women and these videos of horny Pakistani men went viral around the globe.

This is an embarrassment for #Pakistan as the #FailedNation continues to invent ancestors.  They are busy denying Hindu ancestry and for decades pretended to have Arab ancestry.  Recently, being brainwashed by stupid Turkish soap operas the idiots from Pakistan desperately began claiming Turkish ancestry.

Regardless of ancestry, the misogynistic aspect of the backward 7th century desert cult is now known all around the world.  There is no respect for women and the tharki behavior of inbred Pakis is being laughed at thanks to social media.

Even though refoulment is considered to be illegal, a brave political party in Turkey has shared a video that depicts the deportment of Pakistanis, Syrians and Afghans from Turkey.  Full Video:

So much for the Ummah and Muslim Brotherhood and all the other BS bhaichara malarkey.  May all of their wishes be granted.

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