Yet another instance of Love Jihad has come to light in Gujarat at Vadodara where a Muslim man named Tousif Rana inflicted mental and physical torture on his Hindu wife to coerce her to convert to Islam as reported by The Indian Express dated 04.03.2021.

The complainant Hindu wife has complained to the Vadodara city police that Tousif Rana has been subjecting her to mental and physical harassment since her marriage to him under the Special Marriage Act, 1954 in July 2018.

The Vadodara city police on Wednesday arrested Tousif Rana under the charges of domestic violence, assault and criminal intimidation after his wife filed complaint against him at the Fatehgunj police station stating that the accused was pressuring her to convert to Islam following their inter-faith marriage.

The report stated that the complainant said, “He began by abusing me frequently, assaulting me and even inflicting mental torture by threatening to kill members of my immediate family if I refused to comply with his demand of having me convert to Islam. When he threatened to harm my family again, I was forced to approach the police for the safety of my family.”

Tousif has been reportedly booked under IPC sections 498(A) for cruelty, 323 for causing hurt, 504 for insult and 506 (2) for criminal intimidation.

The Fatehgunj police has also booked Tousif under the anti-conversion law, The Gujarat Freedom of Religion Act,2003 for intimidating and threatening his Hindu wife to forcibly convert her to Islam.

While the “secularists” cry hoarse for enacting strict laws against Love Jihad the governments of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Uttarakhand as also the Gujarat and Haryana governments planning to legislate similar laws to tackle the menace of Love Jihad which is spreading its tentacles like a pandemic, the incident in Gujarat only proves why there is a need for such laws.

There is also a need for social organisations and women and child Ministry of governments at the state level and centre to spread an awareness among impressionable non-Muslim young women to not fall prey to such nefarious love jihad ploys by lone wolf or organised Islamist targeting of non-Muslim women to convert them to Islam.

Love jihad is a cancer which aims at striking at the very root of Hinduism, as every loss of Hindu women to Islam results in not only depleting Hindu population it also creates many more enemies of Hinduism by forcible procreation by sexual enslavement of Hindu girls by Islamists.

Naturalising Love Jihad under the garb of freedom to love and marry a person of one’s choice as is tried to be portrayed by the leftists and Islamists would not only end up in the targeted non-Muslim women becoming sex-slaves of Islamists or end up being brutally murdered for refusing to convert but also in the near future change the very religious demography of India, leading to the hitherto elusive Ghazwa-e-Hind.

So, Hindu girls marrying Muslim men under secular laws like Special Marriage Act instead of Islamic Nikah is just as perilous as marrying through Nikah ceremony after conversion to Islam.

As after marriage invariably the Hindu girl is forced to succumb to convert by pressure tactics used by the Muslim husband and his family on refusal of which she is invariably killed and her family members are also mortally attacked by her Islamist husband and family. It is high time Hindu society formulates a strategy to counter the dirty trick of Love Jihad employed by Islamists to change India’s demography and enslave Hindu women.

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