The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has released a press statement exhorting the judiciary to take suo motu cognizance of ruling party sponsored ongoing genocide of Hindus in Bengal which till now has affected over 40,000 Hindus, majority of whom hail from the marginalised SC/ST community.

The Central Secretary General of VHP, Sri Milind Parande, on May 14 th stated that, the Hindu community has been at a receiving end of the brutal and gruesome political violence that started in West Bengal on May 2nd in the aftermath of the assembly elections.

VHP Statement on Bengal Hindu Genocide Urging Urgent Intervention From Courts

The VHP states that more than 3500 villages and over 40,000 Hindus, including many from the marginalised SC/ST community have been affected by the brutal post-poll violence unleashed by the TMC.

It says, many women have been brutalised, houses torched, standing crops destroyed, fish ponds of pisciculturists have been poisoned. The letter further states that goons have started extorting and demanding protection money from terrorized Hindus with phony promises to save them from further loot and killings.

The VHP says that the footprints and signatures of Islamic Jihadists are overly obvious in the pattern of these incidents and cannot be just relegated to mere political violence.

The VHP condemned the abject failure of the state government and administration to control the ongoing violence since May 2nd. The administration is completely indifferent to the plight of victims, which has induced fear among Hindus in West Bengal. The police has even refused to file complaints in several cases, there no FIRs lodged on sexual assaults on women even when these cases have been confirmed by the National Commission of Women.

The VHP states that at many places, important identity documents like Aadhaar, Voter’s ID, Ration cards have been snatched away from Hindus. The VHP has requested the higher judiciary to take suo motu cognizance of the lawless situation in West Bengal in public interest to ensure the life and liberty of Hindus in danger from the ruling party goons and criminals. It requested the judiciary to direct the state government to apprehend the criminals and rehabilitate the victims of political violence, thousands of whom have fled to the neighbouring state of Assam to save their lives.

The VHP also requested the judiciary to quash false and trumped up cases lodged by Mamata Banerjee’s TMC government on the victims of violence. The VHP also urged the state government to rise above petty politics and curb with iron hand the abominable atrocities committed by local criminals and Jihadis on Hindus. It also urged the state government to protect Hindus and rehabilitate the victims of terror.

The letter stated that the VHP and other Hindu organisations are reaching out to the victims by arranging food, temporary shelter, medical needs and other necessities for the victimised Hindus who are dehumanised and forced to live like refugees in their own state.

Incidentally, the Governor of West Bengal on a visit to the violence affected areas in West Bengal, put out very disturbing videos of victims pleading to him for safety. Hindu women exasperatedly told him with tears in their eyes, they are willing to convert to save their modesty and life of their families as there is no one to protect them from the political-jihadi terror.

The Supreme Court and the High Court of Calcutta need to very urgently intervene to save humanity, constitutional democracy and secular credentials of the country which is dying at the hands of state sponsored genocide in West Bengal.

The Hindu Samaj needs to alternatively start defending itself as the state administration has failed and the judiciary’s conscience does not seem to awaken at the plight of Hindu genocide in Bengal. Self-Defence is a Divine Right to be exercised if Hindus do not want to be ethnically cleansed from West Bengal after Kashmir.

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