It has been about a month since I graduated from 8th grade into high school. It was very different since we spent around 3 months using online school. You would think there would be a lot of difficulties and problems, but honestly, there were not.

As you can tell, obviously no one was stressing out or caring too much since no one was there to monitor us behind our shoulder. Also, half my friends didn’t even do any work, knowing it would not be graded.

Our meetings were all done using Google Meet. It was an easy app to navigate so no one had any problems using it. However, the problem was the communication. Whenever the teacher said something, even something as simple as “good morning, how are you doing?”, the class didn’t say anything, and there was just an awkward silence. If you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, you haven’t been to my school, some guy actually thought it’s cool to sing for the teacher. Also, no one turned their cameras on because they didn’t want to show what cavemen they had become.

Most of my teachers graded things really fast, so it was easy to check what you got on an assignment. I had four classes going on: Math, Science, ELA, and Social Studies. Social studies and ELA were the easiest, so I never worried about them. Science I did a couple times, but then just left it. This was because I had all my focus on math, since I was doing a high school course, and didn’t want to mess up, as this was a very important class. I also had two elective classes, Health and Home economics, both I couldn’t care less about.

Well, this was my experience with online schooling. Now that I’m going to high school, they are giving us an option to do it from home or go to school physically. I picked home, since I didn’t want to risk getting the virus, and all my friends picked it too. I don’t know when school life will be normal, but I hope it happens soon.

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