Manufactured outrage is the new propaganda of Pakistan in which exuberance of Cricket fans and prejudices of Media houses and common people were used by Pakistan to stir outrage and defame India at International level by spreading a message that there is no respect for Muslim players in India. It is pertinent and evident enough to know that India being a secular country always has 20-30% Muslim players who get hand-picked for their own caliber. The scorn against India is a ceaseless and non-ambiguous character of Pakistan, which again got featured during the T20 Cricket World Cup. Pakistan for the first time won a match against India against its all-previous loss records. The leaders of Pakistan including PM, HM declared it as a ‘Win of Islam’ which is not understood, that till date was Islam losing?

Another thing to highlight is Mohammed Shami Ahmed for being a Muslim was trolled by none other than Pakis, using accounts which were created for this purpose only. Believing this fake trolling to be true many blue tickers, celebrities, current and former cricketers without any thought came for Shami’s rescue. Even political leaders such as Rahul Gandhi and Omar Abdullah were quick in giving their statements. In the race of bringing news first to the audience or “Khabar Sabse pehle” these impetuous articles are often poorly written and same slip up was made by Barkha Dutt and Rana Ayyub this time. This orchestrated outrage on social media was nothing but a strategic yet failed attempt to weaponise social media and project India in a poor light. This time it was a narrow escape for India but in today’s times when our source of information is mainly unregulated and unclassified will we be able to discern the truth in future?

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