There is no place on earth which is today safe for Hindus. Be it Bharat or any foreign country, the Abrahamic stick continues to give blue marks to Hindus. Repeated cases of violence and oppression against Hindus are being heard from different parts of the world.

Nearly 180 Hindu organisations and temples have written to current Prime Minister of UK, Liz Truss and request her to protect them as they are being targeted repeatedly. This came up after the violence in Leicester and Birmingham, where British Hindus were targeted by Muslims living in UK. The sacred flag of Hindus were burnt and temples were attacked. The open letter, signed by organisations that include National Council of Hindu Temples, BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Sanstha UK, Indian National Students Association UK, Iskcon Manchester, Overseas Friends of BJP (UK), the Hindu Lawyers Association (UK), and Insight UK. The letter points out that despite being the most law-abiding community, and making a socio-economic contribution far above the community’s actual size, today the Hindu community feels under siege in the UK. In Leicester, Hindus now live in a state of fear.

We write to draw your attention to the recent disturbances in Leicester, Birmingham and other towns which have greatly distressed the Indian and Hindu communities in the UK. Hatred towards the Hindu community is at an all-time high, to the point where there has been open violence, intimidation, and abuse levelled at Hindus through physical assaults, harassment on social media, and most recently through soft targeting in schools and the workplace,” the letter reads.

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